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mHealth Forecast: Increasing 'Clouds' with the Chance of Progress

Posted in Information technology by Shana Leonard on July 12, 2012
Thanks to advances in technology and the increasing ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, the global mobile health (mHealth) market is expected to reach $23 billion by 2017, according to a recent GSMA and PwC report....Continue

Who is Really Killing Medtech Innovation?

Posted by Shana Leonard on July 3, 2012
During a lively roundtable discussion at the MD&M East trade show in May, renowned inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen didn’t hold back on the subject of current threats to medical device innovation, nor was he shy about ascribing blame—though not just to the usual suspects....Continue

Are You Ready for Electrically Conductive Jelly?

Posted by Shana Leonard on July 3, 2012
Researchers at Stanford University have developed a Jell-O-like conducting hydrogel that they claim feels and behaves similar to biological tissues but demonstrates the superior electrical conductivity of a metal or semiconductor. Quick and easy to fabricate, the material has demonstrated 'unprecedented electrical performance,' according to the researchers, and shows promise for use in future medical sensors....Continue

Weekly Vitals: Supreme Court Rules on Healthcare, Industry Reacts

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 29, 2012
While there were, of course, other newsworthy stories this week, the Supreme Court ruling on healthcare trumped them all. Read some of the highlights from the extensive media coverage and reactions from the medical device industry in our roundup below....Continue

Insulin Pump Hacker, Medtronic to Discuss Medical Device Security Threats

Posted in Information technology by Shana Leonard on June 27, 2012
Insulin pump user and hacker Jay Radcliffe will face off with Michael McNeil, chief privacy and security officer for Medtronic, as they share the stage today on a panel at the Amphion Forum, a computer security conference, according to Bloomberg....Continue

Emerging Medtech Markets: One Strategy Does Not Fit All

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 27, 2012
Although the United States accounts for approximately 40% of the global medical device market, a variety of factors, including U.S. healthcare reform, European austerity measures, stringent FDA regulation, and a variety of cost issues, have significantly slowed growth in traditional, established medtech markets to a rate of only 5 to 7%....Continue

Weekly Vitals: A Medtech SWOT Analysis, Orthopedic Startups Get Some Scratch, and More

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 22, 2012
Compared with the recent activity surrounding the medical device tax repeal bill's journey through Congress and St. Jude Medical's PR woes, for example, this week was relatively quiet on the news front. Frost & Sullivan looked at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the medical device industry while orthopedic companies in Warsaw, IN, a.k.a. The Orthopedics Capital of the World, saw come cash come their way despite this fickle economy. Read about these and more in our weekly roundup below....Continue

Change is in the Air: A Medtech Industry SWOT Analysis

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 20, 2012
By Venkat Rajan, Frost & Sullivan...Continue

Weekly Vitals: St. Jude Struggles (Again), J&J Gets OK for Synthes Acquisition, and More

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 15, 2012
St. Jude Medical has kept a comparatively low profile in the past couple of months since raising eyebrows with its 'scorched-earth' attack on Medtronic and aggressive defense strategy in relation to its defibrillator leads. But the medical device manufacturer may be unwittingly thrust back in the spotlight in response, thanks to a recently surfaced anonymous report in FDA's MAUDE database detailing an instance of externalized wire in a Durata product....Continue

Medical Device Design: Defining Innovation and the Power of the First Impression

Posted by Shana Leonard on June 13, 2012
Stuart Karten, founder and principal at Karten Design (Marina del Rey, CA) as well as a juror for this year's Medical Design Excellence Awards, recently spoke with MPMN about the changing landscape of medical device design, emerging trends, the meanin...Continue
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