Qmed Supplier Brochures

  • Medical Production



    When time matters, count on NPI/Medical to handle your complete prototype to production molding, assembly and tooling needs. NPI/Medical has the engineering, technical and quality expertise to support each critical...

  • CS Company Overview

    Compounding Solutions


    Compounding Solutions is a leading manufacturer of specialty medical compounds, color concentrates, and additive concentrates. Each is custom formulated and manufactured to exact specifications in grades for extrusion...

  • Proto Labs Brochure

    Proto Labs, Inc.


    Proto Labs is the world’s fastest source for custom prototype and lowto mid-volume parts. We’re a technology-driven company that utilizes proprietary analysis and programming software running on large-scale compute...

  • MedTech eBook

    Apple Rubber Products Inc.


    5 Essential Medical Sealing Solutions

  • Leak Testing and Assembly Verification Solutions

    Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS)


    In today's competitive marketplace, medical device manufacturers adhere to stringent regulatory demands to make sure these devices function properly and are built to the highest quality. That's why we work closely with...

  • Top 5 Trends in Medical Device Testing



    From compliance and convergence to onshoring

  • Fineline Additive Manufacturing

    Proto Labs, Inc.


    Fineline Additive Manufacturing specializes in the rapid prototyping of three-dimensional objects. Within Fineline, we offer three high-tech processes: stereolithography (SL), selective laser sintering (SLS) and direct...

  • Protomold Injection Molding

    Proto Labs, Inc.


    Protomold Injection Molding offers low- to mid-volume part production from real engineering-grade thermoplastic, liquid silicone rubber and metal materials in less than three weeks. Protomold is often used for...

  • Firstcut CNC Machining

    Proto Labs, Inc.


    Firstcut CNC Machining combines the responsiveness of additive manufacturing processes with parts that are machined from real blocks of engineering-grade plastic and metal for improved material selection, part...

  • Eraser Wire, Cable and Tubing Cutters Brochure

    Eraser Company, Inc.


    Eraser manufactures an array of industrial-grade cutters that are suitable for cutting a wide range of materials.

  • Qmed

    Contract Manufacturing as Sophisticated as Your Implants

    Norman Noble Inc.


    QUALITY, CAPABILITY, SPEED Norman Noble, Inc. is your single source solution for manufacturing complex medical implants with tolerances of +/– .0001". We utilize the newest Swiss machining technologies in dedicated...

  • Medical Device Connectivity Solutions

    TE Connectivity


    Multiple Capabilities to Simplify your Supply Chain

  • Altera MT-LWA (Laser-Welding Application)

    TE Connectivity


    Useful for laser-welding operations of stents and balloons, hot jaw bonding or other secondary value-added processes. Heatshrinkable tubing helps hold joints in place during operation and removes easily without residue...

  • Altera MT-FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)

    TE Connectivity


    Useful as a process aid in the manufacturing of catheter shafts and bonding of joints as well as an electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and chemical resistance tube. Heatshrinkable tubing designed specifically...

  • Altera MT-PBX (D*/D*)

    TE Connectivity


    Dual-wall heat shrink tubing from TE Connectivity offers an innovative new catheter assembly method of consolidating tubing layers. The outer layer will shrink, and the inner layer will flow and bond into the braid,...