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UBM Canon Sales

Tim Simone, VP of Medical Media Sales & Directories in Medical Device Brands

Jason Barlow, Account Director & Medical Marketing Services Director

Becky Roll, Western Regional Sales Director

Diana Coulter, Account Director Location

Andy Rowe, Account Director Location

Brian Toole, Account Director Location

Delanie Gaylord, Account Director Location


Qmed Sales Team

Nicole Welter, Account Director

Andrea Marmalstein, Account Director Location

International Sales Team

Joseph Heeg, Account Director

Alston Tian, Senior Account Manager


Management Team – Sales

Amy Sklar, Senior VP of Integrated Media Location

Tim Simone, VP of Medical Media Sales & Directories Location

Colleen Sepich, Business Development Director and Conference Sponsorship Sales/Event Promos

Sharon MacLeod, Sales Executive (Admin Support)

Qmed/MPMN Editorial

Shana Leonard, VP of Content

Brian Buntz, Editor-in-Chief

Chris Newmarker, Senior Editor

Bob Michaels, Senior Technical Editor

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