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Posted in Extrusion by Qmed Staff on March 27, 2015
Because the wires used in neurostimulation and other implantable devices are minuscule and fragile, extruding an insulation layer around them is no easy featSteve MaxsonA polymer jacket is extruded around the fine wires used in such implantable medical devices as neurostimulators, cochlear implants,... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Shana Leonard on December 15, 2014
 Minute processing adjustments for medical tubing can be extremely challenging. Image: American KuhneAlthough the fundamental extrusion process remains unchanged, microextrusion requires increased precision and accuracy compared with the "traditional" extrusion process, according to Bill Kramer... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Shana Leonard on September 19, 2014
The development of vascular access and delivery devices demands careful consideration of the best combination of material and dimensions while accounting for the harsh conditions of the human anatomy.By Jennifer Fauria and Andrew TabordaExtrusion for new endovascular technologies is challenged by an... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Chris Newmarker on March 19, 2014
Automation is allowing for far more precise tube extrusion, and is aiding the transition away from PVC medical tubes, according to Chris Weinrich, general manager of downstream extrusion at Conair. Chris WeinrichIn fact, Weinrich doubts it would have been economically feasible to move away from... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Brian Buntz on March 3, 2014
Add Parker Hannifin to the companies that are innovating when it comes to medical-grade polyurethane tubing.The Cleveland–based company in recent years developed what it touts as a unique aliphatic polycarbonate polyurethane with expanded and enhanced chemical compatibility, particularly in basic ... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on October 29, 2013
While countless tubes are extruded or injection molded each year, these manufacturing techniques are neither the most optimal nor the most cost-effective methods available to medical device manufacturers. At least that’s the word from Avalon Laboratories (Rancho Dominguez, CA), whose polymer solut... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Qmed Staff on October 3, 2013
Drug-infusion systemsOffering engineering services in the design and development of high-reliability drug-infusion systems manufactured from biocompatible medical-grade extrusion materials, Forefront Medical Technology is a fully integrated contract manufacturer. Its development expertise includes r... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on September 30, 2013
MicroextruderA 16-mm microextrusion system designed to process fluoropolymers for miniature medical device applications such as fine-wire jacketing for neuromodulation, microdialysis tubing, and neonatal intravenous (IV) catheter tubing is available from American Kuhne Inc. For producing such device... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Brian Buntz on March 25, 2013
Automated Manufacturing Systems (AMS) exhibited its 1-in. medical extrusion line on an all-in-one frame at the MD&M West, held in February in Anahaim, CA. The line is designed to offer simple operator adjustment of components and facilitate the set up of documentation for process repeatability.B... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on March 7, 2013
The range of skills that the medical device OEM should expect of an extrusion outsourcing partner include design assist, project management, automated machining of extrusions, and more, according to Gordon Knott, medical market leader at Alexandria Industries (Alexandria, MN).MPMN: Why should a medi... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on July 10, 2012
By relying on the process and materials expertise of contract extrusion providers, medical device OEMs can transition smoothly from product design to full production. Fawn Weider, program and quoting manager at Helix Medical (Carpinteria, CA), explains why.MPMN: What benefits do medical device manuf... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on June 20, 2012
Ansamed's closed-loop extrusion technology uses statistical process control to produce multilayer tubing.The trend toward minimally invasive surgery is driving the need for small, tight-tolerance tubing that can navigate into the tiny interstices deep within the body. At the same time, medical tubin... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Shana Leonard on April 11, 2012
Featuring different materials for the ID and the OD, multilayer tubing is helping to meet the increasingly complex requirements of the medical device industry Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Shana Leonard on February 29, 2012
As the demand for minimally invasive procedures rises, so has the need for specialized guide catheters to properly deliver stents, balloons, and other such devices in the body. Fabricating these catheters, however, has traditionally required a hand lay-up manufacturing process to satisfy complex gui... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on October 6, 2011
Foster Corp.'s direct-extrusion process reduces heat and shear history in the manufacture of combination products, improving the stability of both the polymer and the drug.Traditionally, combination polymer products have been extruded from pellets before being converted into such shapes as films for... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Bob Michaels on July 15, 2011
Demands are increasing for complex extruded tubing with shrinking wall thicknesses and multiple lumens. In addition, medical device OEMs are demanding that contract manufacturers demonstrate the ability to produce coextrusions and microbore multilumen designs using a range of biocompatible materials... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by Shana Leonard on June 28, 2010
In choosing an extrusion provider, the OEM should think beyond tubing and other products. Because the manufacturer often requires the services of an extruder early in the design process, the prospective supplier must be able to provide collaborative product development, as well as supportive and inn... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by ucanadmin on November 1, 2008
Due to the performance characteristics required of products for critical applications such as minimally invasive surgery (MIS), product designs are becoming increasingly complex. “For example, specs used to just be ID/OD/wall,” says Mark Saab, president, Advanced Polymers Inc. (Salem, NH). “N... Continue
Posted in Extrusion by ucanadmin on October 1, 2008
MPMN caught up with Mark Saab, president of Advanced Polymers Inc. (Salem, NH), at MD&M Minneapolis and managed to squeeze in a few questions for the tubing and materials expert. Continue