Innovation Brief Videos

  • How to Machine Carbon Fiber and Today's Difficult Composites

    Many companies struggle with machining of new composite materials. Common problems are poor tool life, delamination of layers, and long cycle time. The prese...


  • Design Implications In Sub Micron Positioning - Ibex Engineering

    Ibex Engineering

    An Ibex Engineering presentation at MD&M Chicago 2012.


  • Ultra High-Precision Linear Motion Systems

    Presentation discusses that achieving ultra high precision in a linear motion system can be a difficult task, given the impact of generated heat, cogging, and motor stiffness. Mr. Chamberlain addresses these issues and offers ways the problems can be solved and/or eliminated. Using 'real world' application examples and laboratory testing results, Mr. Chamberlain analyzes the negative impact these factors have on precision and then offers documentation on how solutions vastly improve performance. Jeramé Chamberlain, Nippon Pulse Innovation Video Briefs


  • Pressure Formed Plastic as an Alternative to Injection Molding

    Presentation reflects that pressure forming and complex secondary CNC machining, relatively low volume components can be made to the most exacting specifications. Class A surfaces with sharp detail can be molded and secondary machined features holding tight tolerances (in many instances of +/- .005") can be utilized for proper fitment. Companies that design or manufacture low volume instrumentation or laboratory equipment could benefit greatly from this technology. David O'Leary, Kenson Plastics Inc. Innovation Video Briefs


  • Spiralock Self-Locking Threaded Joints: Designed to Last a Lifetime

    Through its unique wedge design, Spiralock's proprietary self-locking internal thread form is exceptionally resistant to thread loosening and stripping caused by transverse vibration. Eliminating the need for secondary locking methods, Spiralock's self-locking fasteners provide reliable fastening solutions for numerous applications including implantable medical devices, surgical instruments, orthopedic tools, and diagnostic and other medical equipment. Jeff Jungmann, Emhart Teknologies - Spiralock Innovation Video Briefs


  • Parylene Variants, Attributes and Applications

    Specialty Coating Systems

    Presentation discusses how many medical implants incorporate microelectronic components that are placed inside the body to sense or to facilitate a physiological response. It is critical that the electronic components not create an adverse effect within the body. Among the available polymers, Parylenes (vapor phase deposited organic coatings), have played a significant role in packaging and protection of such devices for safety and for enhancing the overall reliability within body tissues and fluids. Parylenes have also been very effective on non-implantable medical devices, by providing protection from adverse environmental effects. Lonny Wolgemuth, Specialty Coating Systems Innovation Video Briefs


  • A GPS for Statistics

    Presentation shows how you can use the Minitab Assistant to be your navigator, and easily analyze your data like an expert statistician. With its interactive decision trees for choosing the right tool, automatic assumption checks and comprehensive reports, analyzing data and improving quality is easier than ever. Marilyn Wheatley, Minitab Inc. Innovation Video Briefs


  • Top 5 Business Benefits of Cloud-based Manufacturing Solutions

    Epicor Software Corporation

    This session explains how cloud technology is improving manufacturing business processes, what manufacturers need to consider when evaluating cloud-based ERP, and real-life examples of manufacturers who have implemented in the cloud and the results. Christine Hansen, Epicor Software Corporation Innovation Video Briefs


  • Controlled Fastening

    The presenters of this subject would like the audience to walk away with the knowledge and understanding of how controlled fastening can improve clamp load. Teaching the audience through the use of a controlled fastening product to be viewed through video projection we will accomplish educational lessons to be such as how speed affects torque, how nesting the part and fixturing the tool affects torque, and finally how the joint can dictate the torque result. Neil Maniccia, ASG, Division of Jergens Innovation Video Briefs


  • Sourcing an AC/DC Design for Your Application- The questions you need to ask your vendors

    Will look at various options available to a medical systems designer, and then detail how to engage with a potential company in order to ensure you can choose the right platform for your needs and the right business partner for your power requirements. Shane Callanan, Excelsys Technologies Innovation Video Briefs


  • Xtreme Scanning: LC60Dx and MMDx - The Next Generation of Laser Scanners

    Nikon Metrology Inc.

    Nikon Metrology technology offers a host of scanners that collect point cloud data at blistering rates unlocking the true potential of laser scanners as they have grown from novelty to necessity. Real-life examples of how productivity has increased and costs reduced will be discussed. Lucas Alexander, Nikon Metrology, Inc. Innovation Video Briefs


  • Novel Coatings to Enhance Medical Devices - BioInteractions

    BioInteractions Ltd

    Novel biocompatible coatings that have been developed by BioInteractions Ltd. These include innovative antimicrobial coatings, anti-thrombogenic coatings, lubricious coatings, drug delivery systems and wound care coatings. The mechanism of action for these biopolymers will be discussed.


  • Machine Vision Technology in Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals

    This presentation will outline some of the newest developments in machine vision technology and their application in a number of medical and pharmaceutical examples. As well as illustrate that, in most cases, roughly 80% of any successful machine vision application relates to the succesful interplay of optics, mechanical engineering and controls engineering. Michal Goc, Senior Vision & Controls Integrator, Systematix Inc.


  • e Manufacturing with Laser Sintering for the Medical Device

    e-Manufacturing with laser-sintering for: -Medical devices -Dentistry -Protheses -Ortheses -Implants Laser-sintering is an additive layer manufacturing technology and the key technology for e-Manufacturing. *Stainless-steel prototypes for customized spinal surgical instruments *Cobalt chrome replacement knee joint prototypes, and end-product dental copings and bridges *Titanium dental implants with porous surfaces that promote osteointegration Martin Bullemer, Business Development Manager Medical Devices, EOS-Electro Optical Systems Dr. Siavash Mahdavi, Managing Director , EOS-Electro Optical Systems


  • Thermal Drilling - Formdrill USA, Inc.

    What is thermal drilling: Purpose & Advantages, how it is done. Formdrills perforate thin metals using friction. They form holes and push through a bushing from the displaced material that is normally cut. These bushings can be tapped to avoid the use of welded nuts or inserts. Can be used in drill presses or CNC systems. Saves labor, time and materials. David Claudio, North American Operations Director, Formdrill USA, Inc.