Innovation Brief Videos

  • Microfluidics—A Powerful Technology for Diagnostic and Medical Product Development

    Microfluidics is an enabling technology which allows the development of highly integrated diagnostic or medical devices. We will present several examples of ...


  • Unique Attributes of the Latest Thermoplastic Elastomers for Medical Devices

    Styrenic block copolymer (SBC) based specialty thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials are the latest class of TPEs that satisfy regulatory, safety and perfo...


  • "Smart Tooling" Technology for LIM/LSR Molded Components

    Helix Medical

    The increasing use of silicone parts, specifically in medical applications has led to the need for more accurate and repeatable means of measuring the delive...


  • Portable Power Considerations for Medical Device Design

    Micro Power Electronics Inc.

    This session outlines the options available to medical device manufacturers in Li--ion battery technologies. Speaker: Dr. Robin Sarah Tichy, Marketing Manage...


  • Linear Motion Solutions for Leading Edge Medical Technologies


    When is a linear motion solution the best choice for a medical application? Of the linear motion options available, which is the best for a given medical technology application? Today's presentation will attempt to address these critical questions. Speaker: Shawn Thompson, Senior Application Engineer, MICROMO


  • Thermoforming--With Style!

    How using the "West Coast" style of thermo/Pressureforming can enhance the look of medical products. How to 'design--up' to bring challenging design concepts...


  • Electron Beam & Laser Welding--New Developments in Machine Design and Applications

    Electron Beam Engineering was founded in 1991 and provides electron beam and laser welding services to a vast array of customers including many medical and aerospace companies. EB welding machines have progressed through the years and now offer a wide variety of features that allow for manipulating the components during welding. In 2008 we launched our own line of electron beam welding equipment called the "Beamer" series. Our line offers many modern features for today's intricate component designs and can provide weld penetration in steels from 0.001" to 0.7" at 30 inches per minute. Speaker: Richard E. Trillwood, CEO, Electron Beam Engineering, Inc.


  • Miniature CMOS Based Imaging Solution

    Complementary metal--oxide--semiconductor (CMOS) module is a cost effective imaging solution for medical imaging requirements. Speaker: Ming Duan, Product Manager, Medical Fiber Optic Products, Fujikura Ltd.


  • Electronic Medical Device Development: Package-on-Package (PoP) Benefits Compact Design

    Express Manufacturing,Inc

    The compact design of medical devices has many benefits. These benefits include particle patient home care using devices such as portable blood pressure monitors and other vital--sign monitoring devices. Speaker: John W. Koon, Director of Corporate Communications, Express Manufacturing, Inc.


  • Metal-to-Plastic Conversion: Cut Costs, Liberate Design, Improve Functionality

    Mack Molding Co.

    While metal has been the traditional material of choice for orthopedic instrumentation, new plastic resins combined with scientific process development and validation are making inroads into that market. The results have yielded lower costs, more flexible designs, and improved single--use and reusable orthopedic instruments. Speakers: Chris L. Wartinger, Business Development Manager, MackMedical/Mack Molding Co. James Hicks, Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC


  • Quality Management Strategies that Slash Costs and Reduce Waste


    This presentation addresses how quality improvements and cost reduction go hand-in-hand. It introduces technologies that replace paper-based storage of produ...


  • New Material and Design Innovations in Precision Belting

    Stan Kulikowski, Product Development Manager at Fenner Precision, a leading global provider of engineered elastomeric solutions to OEMs, will share unique in...


  • Maintaining Manufacturing Innovation and Growth: How to Manage Your Business

    Epicor Software Corporation

    In this presentation, Kathie Poindexter, manager, product marketing for Epicor, will discuss how to develop a sustained compliance framework through the implementation of an end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Kathie will also address the common pitfalls manufacturers encounter when it comes to supporting quality and compliance initiatives, and will discuss best practices for turning compliance efforts from a burden into an opportunity. Kathie Poindexter, Manager, Product Marketing, Epicor Jessica Shelton, Public Relations Specialist, Epicor,


  • Waterjet Cutting Advancements

    Flow International has been the world leader in waterjet technology. In 1979, Flow invented the abrasive waterjet and continues to be the industry leader wit...


  • In Cycle inspection for Lights-Out Manufacturing

    The process of in cycle, on machine inspection allows for more hours of unattended machining making our company more competetive at the same time reducing sc...