Innovation Brief Videos

  • Do you know your design's carbon footprint?

    Sustainable design is the practice of creating products that have less of an impact on the environment. This presentation will give an overview of Life Cycle...


  • Achieving Cohesive Bond Strength with TPE Medical Tubing and Traditional Connectors

    Teknor Apex Company

    To combat the TPE's bonding issue, Teknor Apex developed bonding systems that significantly improve the bonding strength for TPEs. These systems are applied ...


  • Low K-Factor Spray Foam for Insulation of Cryogenic Fuel Tanks

    The use of low k-factor spray polyurethane foam as an insulation material for cryogenic fuel storage tanks in applications such as hydrogen fuel cells and ro...


  • Color Matched Pacakge Prototypes and Proofs Using Standard Materials

    Overcome the limitations of traditional processes to provide color accurate package prototypes that duplicate the look and feel of production items by using the same materials that will be used on press while dramatically reducing cost of samples and proofs. Discover the applications of LED UV print/cut and how to integrate the technology into a color managed workflow. Andrew Oransky, Director of Product Management, Roland DGA


  • Powering and Controlling Solid State Lighting (LEDs) in Medical Applications

    This presentation will contrast LEDs with traditional lighting sources; review some of the more common applications; examine what is required to power and co...


  • Parylene in Medical Devices

    Specialty Coating Systems

    Although the demand for reliability and safety has always been at the forefront in medical device design, the challenges of minimally invasive and micro/nano...


  • EPA regulations regarding PTFE coatings and options for Device Manufacturers

    Explains the mandatory removal of pfoa from the presently specified ptfe coatings [like Teflon(r)] and the EPA'a position. Then, covers the range of new coat...


  • Liquid Nitrogen Dosing

    Microdose technology to pressurize light weight PET Today, approximately 25-50 facilities (international and domestic) are using Cryotech's "MircoDose" techn...


  • Capture Ultra-Short Transient RF Signals With Fast DPX Technology

    Traditional technology used in spectrum analyzers is incapable of capturing signals shorter than 10 milliseconds in duration. DPX technology reduces that int...


  • The Role of Contact Design in High Reliability Connector Systems

    The presentation will describe the challenges faced by connector manufacturers in providing high reliability connectors for demanding applications in medical...


  • Advancements in Platinum Substitution Alloys for Medical Components

    Johnson Matthey

    Medical device manufacturers are now qualifying a family of Palladium--based substitution alloys that offer a combination of reduced cost, lower density, and...


  • Novel Copolyesters to Meet Current Trends in the Medical Industry

    Recently, Eastman TritanT copolyester was introduced into the medical market and has generated considerable interest due to the clarity, outstanding toughness and chemical resistance resulting from the unique chemistry of the polymer. The combination of properties, in addition to being BPA--free, makes TritanT well suited to meet these emerging trends in medical devices and packaging applications. Speaker: Emmett P. O'Brien, Applications Research and Development, Eastman Chemical Company


  • Engineered to be Green: Practical guide to introducing sustainable approaches

    The "Engineered to be Green" presentation will provide valuable insight into and best practices for sustainable machine design and redesign for machine builders (OEMs) and end-users. Niels Ouwersloot, Area Manager/Sales Engineer, Beckhoff Automation


  • Electron Beam & Laser Welding--New Developments in Machine Design and Applications

    Electron Beam Engineering was founded in 1991 and provides electron beam and laser welding services to a vast array of customers including many medical and aerospace companies. EB welding machines have progressed through the years and now offer a wide variety of features that allow for manipulating the components during welding. In 2008 we launched our own line of electron beam welding equipment called the "Beamer" series. Our line offers many modern features for today's intricate component designs and can provide weld penetration in steels from 0.001" to 0.7" at 30 inches per minute. Speaker: Richard E. Trillwood, CEO, Electron Beam Engineering, Inc.


  • Biocompatibility Explained: A Simple Understanding to a Complex Topic-Toxikon

    Toxikon Corp.

    Toxikon at MDM East 2013, Philadelphia, PA

    Biocompatibility testing involves the safety evaluation of medical devices and materials according to the guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies around the world such as ISO 10993, EP, USP, MHLW etc. Biocompatibility is typically performed on the final version of devices, although cases exist where specific tests are designed for the analysis of raw materials. The determination of which guideline to follow depends upon to which countries the devices will be submitted to, as well as the nature of what is being tested (medical device vs. raw material).