Innovation Brief Videos

  • Connecting Tools,Strategy and Culture to Increase Profitability

    This presentation will focus on value-added techniques to reduce waste, increase throughput, and ensure compliance in manufacturing. Tom Albrecht, Hertzler Systems Inc. Innovation Video Briefs


  • Machine Vision Technology in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    This presentation will outline some of the newest developments in machine vision technology and their application in a number of medical and pharmaceutical examples. The presentation will illustrate that, in most cases, roughly 80% of any successful machine vision application relates to the succesful interplay of optics, mechanical engineering and controls engineering. Michal Goc, Senior Vision & Controls Integrator, Systematix, Inc. Steven Regier, Vision & Controls Integrator, Systematix, Inc.


  • Achieve Operational Efficiency with Manufacturing Productivity

    This session will highlight customer and partner case studies to illustrate the flexibility of solutions for operations engaged in "Lean" initiatives for continuous improvement of throughput, quality and asset utilization. Phil Koeher, Manufacturing Productivity Business Development Manager, Iconics Inc.


  • Micromolding, Materials, Manufacturing, and Applications in the Medical Device Market

    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

    This presentation will discuss the definition of micromolding, the opportunities that silicone micromolding presents such as minimally invasive surgeries and micro overmolding. Jeffrey P. Lefan, Applications Engineer, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics


  • Providing an Integrated Localized Hard Coat


    This presentation is a technical summary of the selective hard coat process, along with comparison of testing, performance, and benefits of various hard coat processes. David Wolgemuth, Multi-Shot Senior Engineer, Phillips Plastics Corp


  • PVC and PU Replacement in RF Plastics Welding

    Genesis Plastics Welding

    PVC and PU replacement in plastics welding for the medical device industry; medical device manufacturing within a clean room; licensing or outsourcing technology for RF plastics welding. Tom Ryder, President/CEO, Genesis Plastics Welding


  • Thermal Drilling

    What is thermal drilling: Purpose & Advantages, how it is done? Formdrills perforate thin metals using friction. David Claudio, North American Operations Director, Formdrill USA, Inc.


  • Addressing Quality Control Inspection & Measurement Challenges Utilizing Vision Technologies

    Discussion will address: * Diverse technologies for inspection and measurement. * Advantages and disadvantages of each solution type. * Capabilities & Flexibility of Vision Technologies. Kevin Shayne, Director of Marketing, Boulder Imaging


  • Alternate Methods of Prototyping Aluminum Die Cast Parts

    Aluminum casting processes the tooling utilized for each and how it can be applied to new product introductions across all Industries. Paul J. Armstrong, Director of Sales and Marketing, Armstrong Mold


  • Reducing Cost in Functional Safety Systems through Virtualization

    Wind River

    • IEC 61508 Safety Systems • Aspects of IEC61508 System Design • Advanced Concepts for Safety & Security • Virtualization Technology . Summary & Q&A In today's market, adhering to safety standards is a critical step in the production process for many devices. Jeff Fortin, Director of Field Engineering, Wind River


  • Non-Contact Jet Dispensing In Medical Device Assembly Processes

    Nordson EFD

    What is Jetting How Piezoelectric Valves Work Types of Jet Valves Benefits of Jetting Sample Medical Device Applications. Jet dispensing systems combine fast production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control. Tom Muccino, Product Sales Manager, Nordson EFD


  • Advanced Catheter Measurement System

    Lumetrics has developed a second generation measurement product that can rapidly, accurately, and without contact, measure the inner diameter, outer diameter, and wall thickness of medical tubing up to 36 inches in the length. John P. Hart, President/CEO, Lumetrics Inc.


  • Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning-How to Improve Your Quality

    JG&A Metrology Center

    Industrial CT Scanning is the foremost inspection and part reconstruction technology available on the market today. How to Improve Your Quality and Increase Your Competitive Edge. Jesse Garant, President, Jess Garant & Associates


  • e-Manufacturing with Laser-Sintering for the Medical Device Industry

    EOS Technologies Inc.

    Laser-sintering is an additive layer manufacturing technology and the key technology for e-Manufacturing. In the medical device industry, e-Manufacturing with laser-sintering can add significant value. Martin Bullemer, Business Development Manager Medical Devices, EOS-Electro Optical Systems


  • Micro-Crystalline Anodic Coatings: A Revolutionary Platform Technology for Corrosion Protection

    Description of the new patented Micro Crystaline anodic coating, science of the coating.aplications for medical equipment exposed to auotoclav and high ph sterilization. Timothy P. Cabot, President/CEO, DCHN Fine Metal Finishes David Dibiasio, Sales & Marketing Manager, DCHN