Innovation Brief Videos

  • ERP Software: How it Enables Businesses to "Lean", "Green", and Prosper in the "New Normal" Economy

    Companies must look to technology to survive and prosper in the coming post-recessionary era, which has been labeled, the "new normal" economy. Profits will be more difficult to achieve, forcing companies to turn to technology to lean their operations in order to enhance their competitive positions. Customers will also be wanting to do business with organizations that employ "green" practices. The right software choice can facilitate both "lean" and "green". Harold Katz, Marketing and Technology Enabling Manager, Syspro


  • Ever-Smaller Flexible Circuit Boards Enable Most Compact & Capable Medical Devices

    How the continued shrinking of electronic components and processes for fabricating and populating flexible circuit boards enable smaller, smarter devices. Randal Chinnock, Founder/CEO of Optimum Technologies, Inc.


  • Customized Silicone for Long Term Implants

    NuSil Technology

    Silicone has shown how its chemical stability, physical strengths, and bioinertness have made it a valuable candidate for long term implant applications. Presentation expands upon the future of fillers for silicones utilized in long term implants. Robert Umland, National Sales Manager for NuSil Technology