9. Medtronic and Smarter Deep Brain Stimulation

Medtronic Activa neurostimulator

9. Medtronic and Smarter Deep Brain Stimulation

Medtronic’s latest iteration of its Activa neurostimulator is not just a therapy device, but a brain activity information recorder that could provide insights into such devastating neurological disorders as Parkinson’s disease.

The first two implants of the Activa PC+S DBS system in the U.S. took place late last year at Stanford Hospital & Clinics and the UC San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease.

The Activa PC+S DBS system delivers DBS therapy while also sensing and recording electrical signals in key areas of the brain, using sensing technology and an adjustable stimulation algorithm. The idea is that the system will provide key insights for researchers.

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