Manufacturing Systems Today: Assembly Equipment

Automated assembly equipment

KahleAutomated assembly equipment is offered by a manufacturer that focuses exclusively on serving the medical device industry. Kahle automation develops equipment on a custom basis that can handle, assemble, inspect, test, and package an array of medical devices ranging from syringes to catheters. offering a portfolio of proprietary automation technology, the company can develop custom systems for mechanical, pneumatic, and robotic assembly applications. its precision systems are capable of assembling medical devices at outputs greater than 1600 parts per minute. it also offers a variety of technologies dedicated to syringe assembly and has experience building equipment for the automation of safety syringes, safety needles, safety prefill devices, safety clips and protectors, and self-destruct products.
Kahle Automation
Morristown, NJ

Spot-curing system

DymaxA high-intensity spot-curing system from Dymax Corp., the Bluewave 200 version 3.0, emits energy in the UVA and visible portions of the spectrum (300 to 450 nm) for the curing of light- curable adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants. suited for both manual and automated processes, the unit contains an integral shutter that can be actuated by a foot pedal or a PLC and a universal power input that allows global operation and provides consistent performance at any voltage. light guides in various materials and configurations are available for use with the system, providing application flexibility. users can read unit status and fault mode notification on the large LCD, which is also used for programming. other features include an automatic, controlled power-up sequence; an easy-to-clean faceplate; and a patented intensity-adjustment control that enables operators to adjust output to allow for bulb degradation and other factors that may affect process repeatability and consistency.
Dymax Corp.
Torrington, CT

Ultrasonic welding systems

HerrmannCompact, lightweight ultrasonic actuators from Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. are easy to mount on robot arms for fast, low-energy joining of plastic parts. the product offering includes the VE Slimline product range for automation and the VE Compactline range for robotic applications. their preloaded pneumatic cylinders enable the cold-welding process to begin the instant the weld tool comes in contact with the material, saving as much as 1 second of processing time per weld spot. the machines are available with frequencies of 20, 30, and 35 kHz and outputs up to 6200 W. several of the ultrasonic systems can be used within an automation line in a multihead application. in addition, the manufacturer supplies control modules that can be adapted to the complexities of various joining applications and are easy to integrate into the overall control architecture.
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc.
Bartlett, IL

Linear dc microwelder

MiyachiThe UB29 linear dc microwelder provides precision control for microminiature resistance welding of such medical components and devices as wire assemblies, sensors, connectors, catheters, pacemakers, implantable hearing devices, and battery packs. Featuring single-phase input, a compact size, and dual pulse schedules, the welder, manufactured by Miyachi Unitek Corp., offers a repeatable waveform and ultrafast rise times under 200 microseconds. its 5- to 500-a output makes it suitable for smaller applications requiring closed-loop feedback control, fast response times, and a controlled, precise energy waveform. safety-critical applications in particular benefit from the welder’s four control modes, ultralow current, and stable output.
Miyachi Unitek Corp.
Monrovia, CA

Drilling and pinning machine

SpirolA self-contained vertical unit, the Model dP drilling and pinning machine from Spirol International Corp. eliminates the need for manufacturers to maintain tight tolerances and precision-drill individual components in order to ensure that the holes are correctly sized and properly aligned in a multicomponent pinned assembly. the machine consists of an automatic high-precision drilling unit, a pin insertion machine produced by the supplier, and a precision air-powered linear slide unit to move the assembly between the drill unit and installation station. Because drilling and pinning operations are all completed by one machine, users do not have to handle the components being worked several times through several processes. The versatile system can easily be configured to accommodate a variety of applications.
Spirol International Corp.
Danielson, CT