Products and Services

Low-Pressure Sensors
LBA-series differential low-pressure sensors from Sensortechnics Inc. are based on the thermal mass-flow measurement of air traveling through a microflow channel that is integrated within a silicon sensor chip. These sensors are suited for use in applications in which the pressure drop across a flow element serves as a measure of the volumetric flow rate, such as medical respiratory devices that need to be able to detect both small flow rates near the zero point and full-scale flows of several hundreds of liters per minute. To meet such requirements, the manufacturer offers special versions of the sensors that exhibit 0.01% resolution in the lower pressure range and high dynamic ranges above 10,000. The sensors’ microelectromechanical system (MEMS) construction with integrated analog CMOS signal conditioning minimizes through-flow and provides high immunity to condensation and dust contamination. The components are furnished in small, PCB-mountable housings.
Sensortechnics Inc.

Miniature Solenoid Valve
The Lee Co. has reengineered its Lo-Lohm high-density-interface (HDI) solenoid valve to offer greater flow capacity without sacrificing its compact size or light weight. The component uses a spike-and-hold voltage drive to achieve an extended flow and pressure range of 19 to 39 slm at 0 to 50 psid. Available in plug-in and face-mount configurations, the HDI valve measures approximately 1.25 in. long and weighs 4.5 g. It features an operating temperature range of 40° to 120°F. The valve is suitable for use in ventilators, dialysis equipment, patient monitors, and medical instrumentation.
The Lee Co.

Wide-Viewing-Angle TFT-LCD Module
The Model TCG070WVLQ*PNN 7-in. thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid-crystal display (LCD) from the Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp., LCD Div. features wide-viewing technology that prevents color inversion. Owing to the use of LED-chip and light-guide technologies, the LED backlight system consumes little power. As a result, the TFT-LCD module compares favorably with conventional displays in terms of heat generation, according to the manufacturer. A high contrast ratio also allows the display image to be viewed from all angles. The RoHS-compliant LCD measures 165 × 104.4 × 8.2 mm and has a 152.4 × 91.44-mm viewing area. It also features an 800 × 480-pixel WVGA format, long-life LED backlighting, and an operating lifetime of up to 70,000 hours. Medical device applications include portable defibrillators, infusion pumps, patient monitors, and incubator controls.
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp., LCD Div.

Tomography-Based Coordinate-Measuring Machine
Werth Inc.’s TomoScope multisensor coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) employs integrated x-ray computed-tomography technology to perform rapid, nondestructive geometrical measurement of interior spaces and exterior surfaces of complex device components. Measured point clouds can be calibrated with high precision by means of the tactile or optical sensors also integrated in the machine, and first-article inspections can be completed in minutes. Measurement results are traceable via a calibration in compliance with CMM standards outlined in ISO 10360. Accumulated data can be exported to STL files for direct machine tool communication or can be directly imported into a 3-D CAD software module for a graphical nominal-to-actual comparison or measurement of constructed geometrical elements. The system accommodates part dimensions up to 248 mm in length and 110 mm in diameter.
Werth Inc.

Miniature Diaphragm Pumps
The Jade family of diaphragm pumps from Thomas Div. includes the 1410- and 1420-series miniature brushless dc pumps. Equipped with an electronically commutated brushless dc motor, these pneumatic pumps exhibit stepless performance variation between 2.5 and
11.0 L/min attributed to the high torque and speed range of their motor. The result is a flow-versus-pressure or flow-versus-vacuum curve that is sustainably more linear than that achievable with a standard dc motor or other brushless dc motors, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the pumps have an operational life of more than 10,000 hours under normal conditions. Their closed construction, as well as their small size and light weight, qualifies the devices for use in a variety of medical applications, including wound therapy, sequential compression devices, and laboratory equipment. Available in 12- and 24-V versions, the pump motors come with integrated control electronics and are powered by a four-wire cable with a male connector.
Thomas Div.