Products and Services

Nonwoven Biomedical Textile
A new version of the Biofelt absorbable scaffold for implantable devices used in orthopedic, cardiology, general surgery, and other in vivo applications is available from Biomedical Structures LLC, a specialist in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced biomedical textiles. The 3-D nonwoven, fibrous-matrix structure of the scaffold provides a platform that, with its large surface area and void volume, enables natural tissue in-growth in surgical applications. Produced from polyglycolic acid, poly-L lactic acid, and copolymers such as copolylactic acid–glycolic acid, the textile can serve as a bioabsorbable component of medical devices or surgical systems. It is custom-engineered to suit individual device requirements and offered with various densities and thicknesses. The scaffold material can be produced in flat sheets, disks, tubes, and other geometric shapes, with an absorption profile ranging from less than 30 days to one year.
Biomedical Structures LLC

Wire and Tube Bending
Marshall Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer offering capabilities in computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending and machining of wire and tube parts, provides custom 2- and 3-D tubular and wire components. The service provider can satisfy requirements for components that have machined features at the ends of the wire or tube or along the length. It can also orient those features toward each other in 3-D space. Able to deliver components in prototype to large quantities, the company is equipped to perform custom CNC precision bending, CNC Swiss machining, wire EDM, CNC milling, electropolishing, and other operations on parts made of stainless steel, titanium, MP35N, L605, and other metals. It can also provide custom-shaped diameters of 0.035 to 0.500 in. in tubing and 0.060 to 0.315 in. in wire. Component lengths range from 5.75 to 60 in.
Marshall Manufacturing

Fluid-Dispensing Valves
The TS5440 Microshot needle valve and new TS5540-MS Microshot spray valve are designed for high-precision dispensing of low- and medium-viscosity materials during medical device manufacturing. Available from Techcon Systems, the former valve provides repeatable dispensing of low- and medium-viscosity UV adhesives in small, precise deposits down to 0.05 µl, whereas the latter product sprays low-viscosity materials, such as coatings, lubricants, activators, marking inks, liquid fluxes, and solvents, through disposable dispensing tips. The spot-dispensing valve has wetted parts made of Type 303 stainless steel, features a distinctive needle shutoff design, and is time and pressure controlled. Producing uniform spray patterns ranging from 0.180 to 0.60 in. in diameter, the spray valve has a field-replaceable UHMWPE seat to provide positive shutoff and support a long valve life cycle.
Techcon Systems

Imaging Development
D3 Engineering has teamed with motion systems manufacturer New Scale Technologies and lens and optical component specialist Sunex to produce the OEM SmartCamera developer’s kit. The kit features precision autofocus in a compact size for high-performance medical, biometric, and other imaging applications calling for high image resolution. It enables system design engineers to develop quickly autofocusing smart-camera systems and then integrate them into such products as portable diagnostic systems for blood-screening patients. Autofocus capability is key to achieving high resolution in small, fast systems. The kit centers on a focus module that employs patented closed-loop piezoelectric smart-actuator technology to deliver high-precision motion of glass or polymer lenses up to 5 g in mass in a form factor of approximately 1 in. cubed.
D3 Engineering
New Scale Technologies

Molded Seals
Apple Rubber Products employs a variety of technologies and processes, including liquid silicone rubber molding, to manufacture sealing components and O-rings for medical pumps, IV components, feeding devices, implants, and other medical parts. Offering simple seals to highly complex parts, the manufacturer processes medical-grade elastomers as well as silicones. It also supplies microminiature silicone seals and parts to accommodate shrinking device sizes. In addition, the company produces microminiature O-rings, molded inserts, bushings, poppets, and connector seals, along with custom shapes and seals in silicone and other materials. Also available are custom-engineered composite seals consisting of the seal and another component that may involve bonding rubber to metal, plastic, or filter material.
Apple Rubber Products