Products and Services

Antimicrobial Polymer
Designed to be tough, strong, and opaque, the Cyrex Protect acrylic-polycarbonate alloy for medical device construction features antimicrobial properties that are built into the material during manufacturing. Thus, devices made from this polymer, formulated by Evonik Cyro LLC, deliver reliable protection against a variety of microorganisms found in healthcare facilities. In addition, they require no active surface coating that could scratch or wear off and consequently diminish antimicrobial effectiveness. Designed for the manufacture of such Class I and Class II medical devices as luer connectors, spikes, y sites, check valves, and filter housings, the material offers a notched Izod impact test value of 12 ft-lb/in. It has demonstrated efficacy greater than 4 when tested according to the JIS Z 2801 protocol against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Klebsiella pneumoniae after both 24 hours and 96 hours of exposure, according to the company. The polymer is also resistant to plasticizers found in flexible PVC and can be sterilized by means of gamma, E-beam, and EtO techniques.
Evonik Cyro LLC

FPC Connectors
The FH39 series of flexible-printed-circuit (FPC) connectors, supplied by Hirose Electric Company, Ltd., can be mated by means of either their top or their bottom contact points, thus providing product engineers with design flexibility. These FPC connectors feature a 0.3-mm pitch and accept a standard 0.2-mm FPC. Such ultra-low-profile zero-insertion-force connectors do not generally use standard FPCs. The components are designed to provide reliable mechanical and electrical connections in a variety of medical electronics applications, particularly board-to-board and board-to-LCD designs. They feature entry chamfers on all sides of the FPC insertion slot to ensure correct insertion and positioning. Featuring pin counts of 25 to 67 positions, the connectors have a current rating of 0.2 A and a voltage rating of 30 V ac, offer a maximum contact resistance of 100 mA, and are guaranteed for 10 mating cycles. A flat upper surface and tape-and-reel packaging facilitate installation via vacuum pick-and-place technology.
Hirose Electric Company, Ltd.

Desiccant Polymer
Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging offers antidusting ADP advanced desiccant polymer to meet the demands of medical diagnostic (IVD) and device manufacturers for strong protection against excess humidity. The additive can be integrated directly into thermoplastics used in packaging or in construction of the device itself, effectively lending its adsorbent capabilities to the plastic in which it is embedded prior to injection molding the component or extruding a multilayer packaging system. It provides humidity protection throughout the shelf life of the therapeutic or diagnostic device, is compatible with a range of materials and processing methods, and allows adsorption kinetics to be customized as required by the end product. The material also eliminates the need for extraneous desiccant materials such as sachets. The manufacturer works with the customer to fine-tune adsorption kinetics, capacity, and other performance parameters relevant to the application.
Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging

Disposable, Single-Procedure Speed-Handle Driver
Single-procedure and single-use orthopedic surgical instruments produced by ECA Medical Instruments are available with the SpeedECAp speed-handle design. The disposable instruments in this family are designed specifically to diminish the risk of hospital-acquired infections attributable to reusable devices, eliminate the cost of unreimbursable instruments or loaned-instrument inventories, and enhance reliability and confidence in surgical practice. The handle technology efficiently drives bone screws, set screws, and anchor devices in various fixation and fastening procedures while allowing the instrument handle to rotate comfortably and ergonomically in the palm of the surgeons’ hand.
ECA Medical Instruments

Cleanroom Robots
Denso Robotics offers versions of its VS-series six-axis articulated robots for use in a variety of Class 100 cleanroom operations. Capabilities include assembly, dispensing, encapsulating and potting, insertion, inspection, laser welding, machine tending, material handling, nut driving, packaging, pick-and-place operations, press fitting, screwdriving, soldering, test handling, and ultrasonic welding. Exhibiting high speed and precision for their class, the robots deliver cycle times of 0.37 to 0.33 seconds and are capable of repeatability between ±0.03 and ±0.02 mm. Their maximum reach is 500 to 900 mm, and payload capacities range from 4 to 7 kg. The flexible robots feature a compact design, including ultraslim arms to facilitate integration and an optional bottom-side cable connection that saves floor space. They can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, or wall without the use of special hardware.
Denso Robotics