Products and Services

Miniature Proportional Valve
The Flatprop EQP miniature proportional valve offers manufacturers of portable ventilators and anesthesia equipment the advantages of a small footprint, low energy consumption, a long operational lifetime, and high accuracy. Provided by Norgren Inc. , this valve occupies the same space as the manufacturer’s previous valve of this type but can generate an oxygen flow more than 40% greater. Using just 2.5 W of power, it delivers 186 L of oxygen each minute at an inlet pressure of 30 psig. This low inlet pressure contributes to patient comfort. The valve’s frictionless operation ensures good accuracy and repeatability with minimal hysteresis. The device is validated to run reliably for more than a million cycles.
Norgren Inc.

Electrically Conductive Adhesive
Two-component, silver-filled, electrically conductive Polytec PT EC101 epoxy for chip and substrate bonding can be cured at under 100°C and still exhibit a volume resistivity between 1 and 2 × 10–3 Ω-cm. Offered by Intertronics, this adhesive can be used in microelectronic, hybrid circuit, optoelectronic, LED, and photovoltaic applications on indium tin oxide film, transparent conductive oxide film, metals, glass, silicon, ceramics, and most plastics. The epoxy cures in 60 minutes at 95°C, but it cures in only 40 seconds at 180°C. At room temperature, it has a two-day pot life, and its pH value is 8.5. This assembly adhesive features high temperature stability in service; at all times, it is stable between –55° and 200°C, and in intermittent exposures, it is stable up to 300°C. Because of its USP Class VI biocompatibility certification, it can be employed by manufacturers of disposable medical devices. The supplier’s engineers can provide support regarding adhesive dispensing techniques for particular applications.

High-Power-Density Brushed Dc Motors
The Athlonix platform of high-power-density brushed dc motors from Portescap includes 12GS high-endurance motors that deliver good speed-to-torque performance in a compact package weighing 0.47 oz and producing output power up to 1.2 W. This capability enables OEMs to build higher-performing portable machines and devices that are small and lightweight. Featuring a coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit to maximize power density, these RoHS-compliant motors exhibit energy efficiency approaching 80%. They come with three winding options to accommodate various application requirements and are compatible with incremental encoders and gearheads of various sizes and ratios. The motors provide maximum continuous torque as high as 1.5 mNm to optimize endurance and performance while maintaining operational efficiency in such medical applications as fluid-handling machines, insulin pumps, and collimators.

Solenoid Pump
The Lee Co. engineered the LPL2 inert solenoid pump to offer design flexibility and cost economies to medical device manufacturers. The pump’s distinctive port-head design allows tubing connections and manifold mounting that enable the designer to test the fluidic system using connections to soft 1⁄16-in. tubing. Then, once the system design is finalized, the same pump can be manifold-mounted by means of standard O-rings. The pump additionally has a contoured end cap that is compatible with standard AMP electrical connectors, providing  secondary connector retention. Consuming just 2.5 W in 12- or 24-V-dc operation, it has a standard dispense volume of 50 µl ±6% per shot, although other volumes are available.
The Lee Co.

Surface Measurement Instruments
The MarSurf LD 130 and 260 systems for combined surface and contour measurement feature travel lengths of 130 mm and 260 mm, respectively. Their maximum travel speeds of 200 mm/sec and measuring speeds up to 10 mm/sec keep cycle times short. The metrology systems from Mahr Federal Inc. also feature a biomimetic probe arm with magnetic mounting, which has been redesigned to place the tip in a position that improves the probe’s accessibility and thus expands the range of measuring applications. Other system enhancements include measuring program–specific automatic probe recognition, the introduction of dynamic measuring force for greater flexibility, and a reduced residual noise signal, resulting in a roughness error of no more than 20 nm Rz. A lighter-weight probe offering the same rigidity as before allows the probe to exhibit high dynamic response for optimized tracking of critical part surfaces, such as those associated with knee and hip implants.
Mahr Federal Inc.