Spotlight on Cables and Connectors

Low-loss test cables

PasternackA line of flexible 18-GHz low-loss test cables from Pasternack Enterprises is terminated with durable stainless-steel connectors. The cables use a 0.195-in.-diam coax with an expanded dielectric, yielding an 83% velocity of propagation performance up to 18 GHz. The coaxial cable assemblies are made with PE-P142LL coax. The double-shielded flexible coax provides shielding effectiveness greater than 95 dB and VSWR of less than 1.35:1. A heavy-duty boot and FEP jacket improve strain relief and allow for a minimum bend radius of 1 in., adding to the durability of the cable assemblies. The line of PE-P142LL test cables can be ordered in male-straight and right-angle versions with Type N, SMA, and TNC connectors and in female bulkhead versions for each connector series. The LL test cables can be ordered in custom lengths and are also available in standard lengths from 12 to 60 in. They are also available in 50, 100, 150, and 200-cm lengths. Each assembly is 100% continuity, Hi-Pot, and RF tested prior to shipment.
Pasternack Enterprises
Irvine, CA

Radial connectors

ECGEverett Charles Technologies (ECT) has introduced the SCM family of high-performance radial connectors. The SC1 connectors are offered with single and paired rows, easy-to-configure connector footprints, and the CP-059 high-current product line. The 10-A radial connectors are suited for use in medical device applications. Specially designed for high-current, high-power needs, the connectors are available in surface-mount and through-hole designs. Additionally, their low resistance allows faster charge times, and their internal bias minimizes disconnections even in high-vibration applications. Additionally, custom-designed probes and connectors are available for high-current, battery, and high-frequency applications.
Pomona, CA

Low-profile horizontal mating connectors

HiroseA horizontally mated two-piece connector system, the DF64 series from Hirose Electric Co., Ltd., is suitable for board-to-board and board-to-wire interfaces. The two-position connector measures 20.4 ? 14.4 mm and has a mated height of 4.7 mm. Developed for higher-power applications, the connector uses 18-24 AWG wire and can carry 5 A of current. Unlike conventional horizontally mated connectors that require a different series of connectors between board-to-board and board-to-wire interfaces, this connector features a common receptacle that mates with the header and the cable plug. As a result, manufacturers can simplify their assemblies and eliminate the time and cost needed to maintain inventory of additional components. In addition, the connector’s simplified assembly provides high connection reliability while enabling easy and efficient repairs, when necessary. The connector’s wide effective mating width and length (± 0.5 mm in the x direction and 2 mm in the y direction) enables it to compensate for manufacturing tolerances and thermal expansion in use. In addition, the friction lock on the board-to-board interface provides the strength and retention needed to ensure a secure connection.
Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.

V-lock-compatible power connector

SchurterFeaturing a one- or two-pole fuseholder for 5 ? 20-mm fuses, the compact KEA series power entry module now mates with V-Lock cord sets, preventing unintended disconnection of the power from the equipment. Unlike wire bail or clamp accessories, no additional costly hardware is necessary to install the cord-retaining system. The cord set safely latches into a notch in the plastic housing of the KEA. Removing the cord set is easily achieved by depressing the latch. V-Lock power cords are offered in a range of international plugs, including NEMA 5-15 standard hospital-grade versions. The connector is suitable for use in medical devices in which the power to the equipment must withstand mechanical stress on the cord. It features a C14 inlet, 4.8 x 0.8-mm quick-connect or PCB terminals, and screw-on or snap-in mounting. An optional voltage selector enables the connector to be used in international markets. The current rating is 10 A at 250 V ac. The alternate KFA series with EMC line filter is available in a standard or medical version with current ratings of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 10 A at 125 V ac UL/250 V ac IEC.
Schurter Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA

Push-pull connectors

FischerSmaller, more compact, and lighter than the current connector range, the Fischer Connectors UltiMate series is now available in size 07. Suitable for harsh and extreme environments, the size 07 connector features a 14-mm diameter and a 2 to 9 contact configuration, enabling designers to create smaller devices with more connections and more functions. The new series is sealed IP68/69 mated and unmated and has a high corrosion resistance of 1000 hr. Combined with a 360° EMC shielding, a guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles, and an operating temperature ranging from –55° to 135°C, the connector is suitable for use in extreme environments. In addition to size 07, the connector series is now available in sizes 08, 11, 13 and 18 and in configurations from 2 to 42 pins. Cable assembly solutions are available in both straight and right-angle overmolding versions.
Fischer Connectors
Alpharetta, GA