Liquidmetal Wins Innovation Prize

Posted in Molding Services by Daphne.Allen on June 13, 2017

Liquidmetal was voted in as the Innovation Prize winner at MD&M East 2017.

Liquidmetal’s Matt Martin demonstrated the strength and elasticity of components made through the one-step molding process.

Liquidmetal from Liquidmetal Technologies has won the Innovation Prize at MD&M East 2017. Combining a novel material with a unique shape-forming process, the Liquidmetal solution can be used to create high-strength metal components with little to no shrinkage. Specifically, the amorphous, non-crystalline alloy can be injection molded to produce components that demonstrate high strength (1524 MPa), hardness (53 HRC), elasticity (1.8% of original shape), and corrosion resistance (outperforms SS-316).

"The one-step process resulting in fully amorphous components has the potential to improve dozens of applications in the medical device market and beyond," said Matt Martin, the company's Internet marketing manager. "Our goal is to help engineers, designers, and potential customers become experts on the technology in order to gain the most value from this groundbreaking technology." 

Liquidmetal is exhibiting at MD&M East Booth #871 through June 15 in New York City. Attendees on the June 13 Innovation Tour watched as Martin twisted a Liquidmetal part, demonstrating the strength and elasticity of components made through the one-step molding process.

According to the company, Liquidmetal LM105 is one of the only, if not the only, manufacturing- and production-ready amorphous metals that is biocompatible and implantable in the human body.

Liquidmetal Technologies’s solution could help medical device manufacturers overcome traditional manufacturing roadblocks that are common in many medical applications today, such as warping, inconsistency, corrosion, high cost, multiple post processing steps, and more, according to the company.

Impressed with Liquidmetal, attendees on the Innovation Tour selected it as the most innovative technology on the booth tour. In addition to Liquidmetal, Innovation Prize finalists included Hitachi Cable America’s 70 Ohm Micro-Coax at Booth #1909; MSI’s RF Segmental Compression Bonder for catheters at Booth #1267; Verse Life Science Quality Management System from Verse Solutions at Booth #462; and Traqpath Web and mobile compliance and event tracking application also at Booth #462.

Be sure to check out these innovative technologies at MD&M East before the show wraps up June 15 at 3 pm.


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