Survey: 2014 Is Telehealth's Year in MedTech

Posted in Nanotechnology by Chris Newmarker on January 30, 2014

Remote patient monitoring will be the most important medical device trend of 2014, according to an informal survey of MPMN readers.

As of about 3 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, 22 out of 59 respondents voted for remote patient monitoring. Second place went to 3-D printing, with 19 votes.

The results of the other categories were as follows: six for reinventing diagnostic devices, five for healthcare IT expansion, three for nanotechnology, and one each for next-gen user interfaces and medical imaging equipment. 

Two responses were in the "other" category, for "sharing clinical trial data" and "womens health care"

Google glucose-reading contact lens
Google is developing a contact lens to measure glucose levels in diabetics.

In some ways, it makes sense why telehealth would be so important to MPMN readers, because its importance is growing as the United States attempts to shift a growing amount of healthcare delivery from more-expensive venues like hospitals to less-expensive venues like the home. Just last year, Medtronic demonstrated its faith in the remote patient monitoring space with the acquisition of Cardiocom LLC.

The potential for medical wearables continues to expand, too. Google, for example, is developing a contact lens to measure glucose levels in diabetics. And Apple appears to be hiring medical device professionals to help with development of the iWatch.

In order to find out more about the other categories, check out our recent slideshow.

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