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Posted in Mobile Health by Kristopher Sturgis on December 13, 2016

The medical technology trade group announced this week the launch of a new sector within the association, known as AdvaMed Digital, that will provide specialized expertise to companies in the flourishing digital health sector.

Kristopher Sturgis

Medical technology trade association AdvaMed announced this week the creation of a new digital health sector that aims to utilize the group's experience to meet the emerging needs of digital health companies.

Scott Whitaker, AdvaMed president and CEO, said in a press release this week that the association plans to be an essential resource for digital health companies in the future.

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“This new frontier of care promises incredible benefits for patients and efficiencies for health care systems,” Whitaker said in a press release. “But only if public policies are in place that promote innovation along with high standards for patient safety, and companies understand how to navigate the regulatory and reimbursement systems still being developed. That’s why AdvaMed Digital is an essential resource for digital health companies, and a key stakeholder in shaping the policy environment for this emerging area of health care.”

AdvaMed Digital will strive to become the home for technology developers and manufacturers that are looking to drive new opportunities in the digital health space through innovative new technologies and systems. The new digital health sector will aim to help companies examine and explore digital health trends and solutions, engage with policy makers and stakeholders, address critical public policy issues, and advocate for the advancement of new digital health solutions that can benefit patients, according to the organization.

“From mobile devices that provide individuals personalized healthcare information, to harnessing big data to find solutions for entire patient populations, digital health companies are transforming how we think about health care every day,” Whitaker said.

AdvaMed has been undergoing some changes recently, most significantly when its CEO of 10 years stepped down last year to take up the position of president and CEO of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Whitaker was named the company’s new CEO in February of this year and has already begun to shape the direction of the company with this week’s announcement.

AdvaMed believes that this new digital health sector will enable the group to continue to be an industry leader on a variety of different issues within the digital health space, from software regulation to cybersecurity. AdvaMed Digital plans to provide members with important new opportunities for networking, as well as a chance to explore and gather new insights on the future of digital health technologies.

The association will be hosting its inaugural Digital MedTech Conference in March of next year in San Francisco. The conference will seek to bring together experts from FDA and individuals from the venture capitalist community to discuss a range of different topics. Among the different panels will be informative discussions on the future of digital healthcare, new FDA regulatory proposals, and the growing role of data informatics that drive healthcare decision-making. 

As for the new AdvaMed Digital, the initiative plans to convene with member companies and key stakeholders beginning in 2017, as well as hold annual meetings and conferences that can provide member companies access to AdvaMed’s robust network of expertise and products. 

Kristopher Sturgis is a contributor to Qmed.

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