Eye Tracking System Can Help Doctors Diagnose Health Issues

Posted in Ophthalmology by Camilla Andersson on November 8, 2012

Tobii Technology, a global leader in eye tracking and gaze interface integration, recently announced that its eye tracking technology has been integrated into i2Eye Diagnostics' portable, easy-to-use Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry (SVOP) system. The SVOP system can be used by healthcare professionals to assist in the diagnosis and management of a variety of neurological and ophthalmic health issues. In addition, the SVOP system can be a valuable tool for a variety of different research applications.

The SVOP system uses Tobii’s proprietary eye tracking system to reduce patient eye strain. In addition, automated eye tracking can help reduce patient stress while he or she is being diagnosed.

The SVOP has the potential to be a powerful tool for opthamologists and other healthcare professionals. Proper assessments are essential for detecting a variety of different neurological disorders. This can include neurological conditions like brain tumors, stroke and more. In addition, the SVOP can be used to indicate whether patients may have an abnormal blind spot, a lesion in an optic nerve and more. Since traditional assessment methods require patients to remain still for an extended time, they may not be appropriate for all patients. The SVOP’s eye-tracking technology can prevent this common problem.

In a prepared statement, CEO Henrik Eskilsson stated, “This solution is a significant step for the medical community as it continues to realize the benefits of eye-tracking applications for research, diagnosis and patient care.” He continued, “We are excited about how i2Eye has moved from researching the diagnostics field to bringing a complete solution to the medical market, and we look forward to furthering our mission to enhance the adoption of eye tracking in the medical field.”


Tobii Technology