Hologic to Shutter Indiana Production Facility

Posted in Medical Device Business by Qmed Staff on January 18, 2013

Hologic, a breast cancer diagnosis company based in Bedford, MA announced that it would shut down its Indianapolis manufacturing facility this summer, ultimately leading to 141 layoffs.

According to a filing with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the plant closure will be broken down into four phases. The initial phase, scheduled for March 20, will result in the layoff of 20 workers. The second phase, beginning May 3, will result in 31 layoffs. A third round of layoffs, involving 88 employees, will take place on May 31. One employee will remain at the plant after the third round to tie up loose strings. The final employee at the plant will receive a pink slip on June 28.

The shutdown is not temporary. According to the filing, “These plans, when finalized, would be permanent and [would] result in closure of the facility.”

The layoffs represent approximately 2.4 percent of Hologics’ workforce.