Medical Device Industry News

  • Medtronic Spends $110 Million on Latest Acquisition

    The Aircraft Medical buy allows Medtronic to expand the endotracheal tubes portfolio of its Covidien division.

  • Pfizer and Allergan's Huge $160 Billion Inversion Deal

    The U.S. Treasury has been trying to hinder such deals since Medtronic’s roughly $50 billion purchase of Covidien. It apparently isn’t working. Nancy Crotti

  • Medtronic's Ishrak Is Getting Hometown Love

    Medtronic CEO Omar is the executive of the year, according to a Twin Cities–based publication. Ishrak earlier this year also handily topped a Qmed poll asking readers to pick the best medtech chief executive.

  • Connected Device Security: Why It's Getting More Serious

    FDA is due for more scrutiny over whether it is sufficiently regulating hospitals’ networked medical device. Chris Newmarker The Inspector General Office at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a new item on its to-do list: determine whether FDA has enough controls to protect networked medical devices at hospitals from the “growing threat” of hacking.

  • How 23andMe Made Its Comeback

    Nearly two years after the genetic testing company drew FDA’s wrath, it is back selling health-related tests. Chris Newmarker

  • Is Boston Sci Facing a Major Setback?

    Executives at the medical device giant have had high hopes for the Watchman heart device. But proposed CMS guidelines could limit Medicare coverage. Nancy Crotti

  • GE Finds Alternative to Weapons-Grade Uranium for Medical Imaging

    Medical imaging institutions in the United States may land a domestic source of the isotope that makes many scans possible, made with lower-strength uranium than the diminishing overseas supply.Nancy Crotti

  • Brits Drop Fraud Case against Olympus

    The British Serious Fraud Office has dropped a two-year case against Olympus Corp. and a British medical equipment subsidiary, which it had accused of making misleading statements to auditors.Nancy Crotti

  • A $250 Million Legal Settlement over ICDs

    The U.S. Justice Department claimed that hundreds of hospitals across the country implanted implantable cardioverter defibrillators into people—and billed Medicare—when they should have been waiting. Could the crackdown curtail use of ICDs? Chris Newmarker

  • FDA Warnings Shed Light on Theranos' Problems

    FDA inspection documents describe the young blood testing company’s nanotainer as an “uncleared medical device.”