Medical Device Industry News

  • 5 Recent Medical Device Failures Catching FDA's Eye

    From ventilators with battery issues to a confusing hook-up for an LVAD backup system controller, there have been five medical device safety issues since mid-March that have drawn attention from the FDA owing to their potential to cause serious injury or death: 1. Dräger Ventilators with Battery Issues

  • TriVascular IPO a Winner in First Two Trading Days

    TriVascular's Ovation abdominal stent graft system. (Courtesy TriVascular Technologies Inc.)Braving choppy initial public offering (IPO) seas in the medical device industry, Santa Rosa, CA–based TriVascular Technologies Inc. launched their stock issue the day after Tax Day and caught a bit of a tailwind.

  • 6 Trends Reshaping MedTech in 2014

    From a zipper-like wound closure device that can be peeled off at home to a telemedicine robot, there are plenty of ingenious devices included as finalists in this year’s Medical Design Excellence Awards.

  • Irish Eyes Are Smiling at New Ethicon Plant in Limerick

    Ethicon Biosurgery will construct an €80 million, 60,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility  that will provide about 270 permanent positions and an additional 150 temporary jobs during the construction of the new facility, the company announced.The new facility will be located at the National Technology Park in Plassey, County Limerick, Ireland, and is expected to open in 2015.

  • Abbott Tests Bioresorbable Scaffold in Hope of FDA Approval

    Abbott's new Absorb bioresorbable scaffold (Courtesy Abbott Laboratories)First there were stents. Then came drug-eluting stents. Now the latest battleground in the cardiovascular intervention field is in bioresorbable scaffolds.

  • JNJ Beats Estimates, Device Sales Flat

    The common stock of healthcare and medical device giant Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) soared to recent highs following the company's announcement of first quarter results that beat analysts' estimates. The company's robust performance was driven by new and existing drug sales. JNJ reported that, before currency adjustments, its worldwide pharmaceuticals were up 12.2 percent for the quarter.

  • Lab-Grown Blood Slated to Begin Clinical Trials in Late 2016

    Blood products awaiting transfusion.

  • Boston Scientific Wins FDA Approval of Mini ICDs

    In but another sign of miniaturization in the cardiovascular space, Boston Scientific Corp.

  • Abbott Recalls Blood Glucose Meters over Test Strip Issues

    The FDA appears to be issuing another Class I designation involving Abbott Laboratories’ voluntary recall of diabetes products.

  • Pediatric Approval Doesn't Mean Devices Are Actually Tested on Kids

    A study of 25 high-risk medical devices approved for use on children showed that 84 percent of those devices approved by FDA since 2008 had not been tested on any child under 18 years of age before the approval was granted. Eleven had not been tested on any patients under 21.