Medtronic Sued for Alleged Deceptive Business Practices

Posted in Medical Device Business by Bob Michaels on December 12, 2012

Medtronic, a medical device manufacturer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was named as the defendant in a federal lawsuit over its allegedly deceptive business practices. According to the three plaintiffs named in the federal lawsuit, Medtronic used deceptive business practices to market defective and dangerous products. This lawsuit follows accusations of illegal marketing practices like doctor kickbacks for its defibrillator products. Medtronic has already settled that case.

According to the Star-Tribune, the three men named in the federal lawsuit are seeking $427,000 in damages plus an undisclosed amount in compensation. The plaintiffs allege that the company distributed faulty devices and paid physicians to use them.

One of the plaintiffs started a website called The plaintiff claims on the site that the company’s board is guilty of third-degree murder. He also states that the company ignored clinical risk of death information to boost profits.

Medtronic believes the lawsuit is without merit. The company claims that it paid $268 million over its Sprint Fidelis lead recall. According to information shared with reporters at Star-Tribune, the company believes all new claims were resolved in this previous litigation.

While the plaintiffs and Medtronic are both suffering at the moment, one party did benefit from this. Medtronic’s litigation and fines paid almost half of the Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s haul for the year. The $53 million haul is four times the agency’s annual operating budget.