Sorin Purchases Minority Share in Highlife SAS

Posted in Medical Device Business by Bob Michaels on November 26, 2012

The Sorin Group, an Italian medical device manufacturer, announced that it had invested $5.4 million in Highlife SAS. Highlife SAS is an early-stage company working on the development of transcatheter mitral valve replacement technologies. The minority investment by the Sorin Group includes an option to buy the cardiovascular technology company.

Georg Bortlein is one of the prominent founders of Highlife SAS. His history includes co-founding CoreValve, a company that specialized in aortic valve implantation technology. CoreValve was later purchased by Medtronic.

Sorin’s investment in Highlife SAS also includes an exclusive option for acquisition. The investment will help fund the company’s ongoing clinical testing and product development.

In prepared remarks, CEO Andre-Michel Ballester said, "The HighLife investment is an important step forward in our long-term plan to build a significant new growth platform in percutaneous mitral valve therapies." He continued, "This is consistent with Sorin's Strategic Plan to accelerate top-line growth through investments in innovation."

Sorin has also made minority investments in other cardiovascular technology companies. Sorin Group recently made an $8 million investment in CardioSolutions. CardioSolutions is a heart access device manufacturer. The company also develops repair systems for the treatment of mitral valve diseases.