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An antibody (Ab), also known as an immunoglobulin (Ig), is a large Y-shaped protein produced by B-cells that is used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. The antibody recognizes a unique part of the foreign target, called an antigen. This molecular recognition by the immune system results in selective production of antibodies that are able to bind the specific antigen. Antibody circulates throughout the blood and lymph where they bind to their specific antigen, enabling it to be cleared from circulation.

Antibody Production

In the broad sense, antibody production refers to the entire process of creating a usable specific antibody, including steps of immunogen preparation, immunization, hybridoma creation, collection, screening, isotyping, purification, and labeling for direct use in a particular method. In the more restricted sense, antibody production refers to the steps leading up to antibody generation but does not include various forms of purifying and labeling the antibody for particular uses.

Antibody production involves preparation of antigen samples and their safe injection into laboratory or farm animals so as to evoke high expression levels of antigen-specific antibodies in the serum, which can then be recovered from the animal. Polyclonal antibodies are recovered directly from serum (bleeds). Monoclonal antibodies are produced by fusing antibody-secreting spleen cells from immunized mice with immortal myeloma cell to create monoclonal hybridoma cell lines that express the specific antibody in cell culture supernatant.

Successful antibody production depends upon careful planning and implementation with respect to several important steps and considerations.

Antibody Purification

Antibody purification involves isolation of antibody from serum (polyclonal antibody), ascites fluid or culture supernatant of a hybridoma cell line (monoclonal antibody). Purification methods range from very crude to highly specific.

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Creative Biomart is a global full-service biotechnology company with profound expertise and experience in recombinant proteins, antibodies and antigens, diagnostic enzymes and pharmaceutical enzymes, Elisa Kits, biosimilar cell lines, transfected stable cell lines etc. to the research community of biology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical drug development. Creative Biomart also has established itself as a world leader in the area of diagnostic antibody generation; using our genetic immunization technology. Our proprietary technology allows the production and identification of highly specific antibodies.

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