Automation in Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Micro-abrasive blasting lathe improves efficiency in the manufacture of bone screws, stents and other medical devices.

Comco Inc., industry leader in the manufacture of micro-abrasive blasters has developed an advanced machining platform for processing stents, bone screws, pacemakers and other medical devices that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. 


The Advanced Lathe features up to 4 axes of coordinated abrasive control for precision blasting.  The added motion capability increases the range of part shape and size that can be effectively processed on this platform.  All aspects of the abrasive blasting process are controlled by the Advanced Lathe’s software.  It automatically sets all of the necessary variables including pressure, travel path and nozzle speed reducing errors to a minimum.  A LCD screen used to select programs also prompts the operator on the tooling requirements.  Smart tooling then checks that the tooling and head installed correctly match the selected program and informs the operator of any errors.  The onboard computer is also network compatible, giving engineers the option of creating blasting programs remotely.

Comco is the industry leader in micro-abrasive blasting technology and creator of the award-winning MicroBlaster®.  Established in 1968, Comco’s innovative thinking and high quality standards have been key to Comco’s success.  Micro-abrasive blasters are used for deburring, surface preparation, selective cleaning, material removal and focused cutting in a variety of industries including medical manufacturing, microelectronics, precision machining and the aerospace industry.   Comco prides itself on its high quality products and excellent customer service and tech support.  For more information about Comco visit: