Baculovirus-insect Cell Expression Systems

Baculovirus Insect Cell Expression System has been widely used to produce proteins for basic life science research, such as functional genomics and signal transduction.

As an integral component of recombinant protein expression technologies, baculovirus insect cell expression system is based on the use of recombinant baculoviruses (insect viruses) and their ability to produce high levels of biologically active proteins in cultured insect cells or insect larvae.  It has been widely used to produce proteins for basic life science research.

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is universally recognized as a powerful and versatile system for production of high quality proteins. There are several advantages of insect cells over E. coli such as improved solubility, ability to incorporate post-translational modifications, and higher yields for secreted proteins.

Creative Biomart's BacuFlex™ Baculovirus/Insect Cell Expression Platform was developed by our in-house team of scientists for virus production and expression of recombinant proteins from baculovirus-infected insect cells in flexible scale.

For customers who wish to establish the best possible protocol for their project and then scale up, Creative Biomart recommends customers to leverage sophisticated BacuFlex™ Platform to explore different conditions for the expression of target proteins.

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