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Since last century, animal cell lines have become a common laboratory technique. They are fundamental to the manufacture of viral vaccines and other products of biotechnology. An established or immortalized cell line can proliferate indefinitely either through random mutation or deliberate modification. Numerous cell lines are well established as representative of particular cell types.


High expressing cells can be developed into single cell clones and be used as unique source of high quality membrane proteins for a variety of applications.Making the cell line service of Creative Biomart as an example, here four items are listed:


1.     Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Development 

Stable cell line development is the key step to develop a cell-based assay development. Based on proprietary codon optimization and vector design technologies, Creative Biomart can deliver your cell lines of interest with quality and speed.


2.     GPCR & Ion Channel Stable Cell Lines

Creative Biomart offers a wide collection of GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines for compound screening/profiling services. In addition, you can purchase the stable cell lines and perform a screening project in-house. Furthermore, customized reagent preparation services are available upon your specifications: Ready-to-Use Frozen Cells, Membrane Preparations, and Custom Stable Cell Line Service.


3.     GPCR & Ion Channel Membrane Preparation 

G-protein independent binding assays are preferred methods in assaying GPCR activation especially in primary screening. Utilizing high-expression GPCR & ion channel stable cell lines, Creative Biomart offers cell membrane preparations validated by receptor binding assays. With large-scale cell culture capabilites, Creative Biomart also offers custom membrane preparation services upon your specifications.


4.     Frozen Cell Production

Cell culturing is both challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, it often causes unforeseen delays that lead to irreparable costs in R&D processes. To triumph in drug discovery, it is paramount to be capable of efficient high-quality cell preparation. With state-of-the-art cell culture facilities, Creative Biomart’s cell culture service can quickly deliver the frozen cells that satisfy the needs of your individual project on time. In addition, via chemical treatment under optimized protocols, the frozen cells demonstrate excellent performance in cell-based assays and serves as a more affordable alternative to expensive GPCR and ion channel stable cell lines.


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