CRI and Thomas Medical Introduces the Miller Advance Catheter

CRI and Thomas Medical Introduces the Miller Advance HS Catheter

CRI and Thomas Medical, in conjunction with Dr. Charles E. Miller of The Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Institute (Naperville, IL), introduced a new catheter for HSG & SIS procedures.  These procedures help to diagnose and treat concerns of infertility and related gynecologic diseases.  

The Miller Advance Catheter was designed by CRI Engineers and Dr. Miller in response to his needs & observations:

“Unlike standard catheters, it has features that make HSG and SIS procedures easier, thus faster to perform.  In addition, the catheter is more comfortable for my patients and that means there’s a better chance for procedure completion.”

We are very excited to partner with Dr. Miller and to be his co-developer and manufacturer of choice. 

Please visit www.MillerCatheter.comto learn more or to place an order.