CRI to Provide Innovative Medical Device Contract Sterilization Service


Catheter Research Inc. (CRI), a market leader in medical device manufacturing, announces today it is the first and only company in the Midwest to provide contract medical device sterilization services to life science and medical device companies through an agreement with Baltimore-based Noxilizer, Inc.

CRI is the first Indianapolis company to use the new equipment, Noxilizer’s RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer, for its medical devices. The company is currently undergoing FDA testing related to the sterilization process and anticipates final delivery of the Noxilizer system to its Park 100 headquarters in December 2012. CRI also will provide contract sterilization services to other Midwest companies.

“Noxilizer’s technology opens the door to innovation and the breadth of new materials that cannot be sterilized through traditional means. We look forward to facilitating this process for new devices, as well as current products in the market, and expanding the services offered to our customers,” said John A. Steen, CRI president and CEO.

Noxilizer’s technology represents the first innovation in medical device sterilization in over 20 years. Noxilizer technology provides a new sterilization option with a number of benefits: room temperature process, improved materials compatibility, faster cycle time leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs. All important factors as the medical device companies working in the life sciences industry continue to innovate and grow.

CRI is the only facility in the Midwest to offer access to this proprietary sterilization technology, and one of only two facilities in the United States at this time. Customers can utilize Noxilizer’s sterilization process for temperature-sensitive medical device materials, bioresorbable implants, prefilled syringes, drug-device combination products and collagen scaffolds.

Indianapolis Innovation Ties

A team with Indiana ties is driving this sterilization device innovation. Indianapolis-based CHV Capital, an Indiana University Health Company, is Noxilizer’s largest investor. Maura Kahn, vice president, business development and marketing, is an alumnus of Eli Lilly and David Opie, PhD, vice president, research and development, is a veteran of the Med Institute. The company has developed a network of prospects, including CRI—the Indiana company that stepped up to be first to not only use but also house the sterilizer.

CRI Noxilizer Partnership

“This agreement represents another significant milestone for Noxilizer as we continue to expand commercial access to our breakthrough NO2 sterilization technology. We are very proud of the role that Indianapolis firms have played in the Noxilizer success story. Indiana-based CHV Capital has provided key investment during the critical pre-commercial stage of Noxilizer, and so it seems fitting that CRI, another Indiana-based organization, will represent initial commercial expansion for industrial medical device sterilization. We look forward to supporting CRI’s work with their current and new medical device customers,” said Lawrence Bruder, president and CEO of Noxilizer Inc.

About Catheter Research Inc.

With complete solutions for design, development, and manufacturing processes within the medical device industry, CRI is a leading medical product developer and manufacturer of medical devices. Founded in 1987, CRI provides its customers with unbeatable service, excellent quality, and regulatory compliance. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, CRI is a top Midwest medical device manufacturer and is listed as a 2012 Indianapolis Business Journal-Company to Watch. In 2008, CRI began the process to become an employee-owned business with a 30% ESOP acquisition. In December 2010, CRI became 100% employee-owned company.

About Noxilizer Inc.

Noxilizer has a unique and superior NO2-based sterilization technology that is revolutionizing two major sterilization markets — medical device/pharmaceutical/biotechnology manufacturing and hospitals. In the manufacturing market, Noxilizer provides sterilization services for next generation medical devices and drug/device combination products. Noxilizer also sells the RTS 360 NO2 Sterilization System to companies that sterilize their own products. In hospitals, Noxilizer is developing a system especially for the sensitive, high-tech equipment used in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. The company was founded in 2004 and is privately held. Investors include: CHV Capital (an Indiana University Health company), the Maryland Healthcare Product Development Corporation, the Abell Foundation, as well as angel investors. Noxilizer is located at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Technology Center in Baltimore, MD.