The GenePowerTM Controlled Randomization Service of Creative Biomart

In order to maintain the unchanged portions of a sequence, scientists need techniques to rigorously control randomized constructs. Usually the randomized portions are also needed to contain the distribution of nucleotides as scientists required to encode specific amino acid composition.


Therefore the GenePowerTM Controlled Randomization technology developed by Creative Biomart emerges. It can accurately direct the effective frequency of random nucleotide substitutions. And unlike error-prone PCR, you decide exactly which part(s) of the gene are affected—randomize the entire open reading frame or confine the mutagenesis to specific regions.

Its Applications

• Diversify antigen-binding sites of antibodies
• Improve physicochemical protein properties such as solubility, heat stability, and activity in industrial environments
• Enhance function, such as promoter activity and enzymatic properties
• Optimize antibody affinity (in vitro affinity maturation)
• Humanize antibodies
• Prolong half-life of therapeutics for in vivo environments
• Improve enzymes for industrial use
• Modify enantioselectivity of enzymes
• Induce changes to alter proteins from patented sequences

its Advantages

• Library diversity of up to 1011 variants
• Precise selection of the average mutation rate (number of changes per construct)
• Random mutagenesis throughout construct, or limited to defined positions
• Transition/transversion ratio of 1:2
• Fewer silent mutations
• Low ancillary mutation rate
• Fast production times


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