Genesis Plastics Welding and PolyOne Collaborate on Breakthrough in RF Welding Using Versaflex™ TPEs

Proprietary ecoGenesis™ technology is first to enable TPEs to replace traditional materials in medical fluid delivery applications, including bags, tubing and more

INDIANAPOLIS(October 12, 2010) – Genesis Plastics Welding, a leading contract manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) welded products, announces today a RF welding breakthrough in conjunction with PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, a global leader in high-performance, custom-formulated thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).

Facing environmental and health concerns with traditional materials, manufacturers of medical fluid delivery products are looking for alternatives that avoid the use of halogens and plasticizers. For the first time, a breakthrough technology from Genesis enables non-halogenated and non-plasticized GLS Versaflex™ TPEs to be RF welded into any two-dimensional shape or configuration, including mandrels.

Collaboration between Genesis and PolyOne expands the portfolio of Versaflex grades that can be welded using ecoGenesis™ technology to provide the market with a superior solution for fluid delivery applications, including better flexibility, mechanical properties, clarity, aesthetics and value. Prior to this development, older RF welding techniques were restricted to high dielectric loss materials and TPEs could only be heat sealed, limiting configurations to straight lines.

The ecoGenesis™ technology enables non-phthalate, low dielectric loss material to be RF welded. Applications for ecoGenesis™ RF-welded Versaflex TPEs include infusion kits, blood transfer and drainage bags, and urinary bags.

“Medical device trends are highlighting the many advantages of TPEs for healthcare applications,” said Rick Noller, director of global marketing, PolyOne GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers. “Through our work with Genesis, our Versaflex TPEs can better meet the needs of the medical device industry. We have validated ecoGenesis welding for use with Versaflex CLE and Versaflex MT220 grades, providing the industry better choices for the next generation of fluid delivery products.”

“With ecoGenesis, manufacturers can use materials such as PolyOne’s Versaflex TPEs in RF welding just like PVC, often providing improved cost savings and a more environmentally friendly product,” said Tom Ryder, presidentand chief executive officer for Genesis Plastics Welding. “Our collaboration resulted in a breakthrough solution that can help manufacturers and healthcare organizations address concerns about patient safety and environmental protection, while also delivering improved performance across the board.”

Versaflex TPEs surpass traditional resins in performance, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. They are more flexible than polypropylene (PP), autoclavable unlike polyethylene, and have better tear strength than competitive materials. These products also deliver exceptional clarity and a fine, matte finish. Further, thinner gauges of Versaflex TPE can provide the same feel and texture as thicker gauges of traditional materials, thereby lowering system costs.

About Genesis Plastics Welding

Genesis is a plastics welding contract manufacturerspecializing in the radio frequency (RF) weldingof thermoplastic products and components for industries including medical, military, automotive, marine and consumer products. Unique to the plastics welding industry, Genesis’ proprietary heat sealing technology allows RF weldingof polyethylene, polypropylene and nearly any low-loss polymer in film, foam and fabric layers. The technology is ideal for the replacement of Polyvinylchloride (PVC)and Polyurethane with "green", phthalate-free plastics as it causes polymers with low dielectric loss factors to respond to RF welding just like PVC. The company’s plastics welding technology, ecoGenesis, also aids in cost reduction as it eliminates the need for expensive heat seal additives, accelerates the production process and enables the substitution of lower cost raw materials. Available for private licensing to manufacturers, ecoGenesiscan be quickly integrated into any existing RF heat sealing machine. Contact Genesis Plastics Welding, headquartered near Indianapolis, Indiana, at 317-485-7887 or visit

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PolyOne Corporation, with 2009 annual revenues of $2.1 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. Headquartered outside of Cleveland, Ohio USA, PolyOne has operations around the world. For additional information on PolyOne, visit our Web site at