GOT Interface Promotes Steve Sweeney as Director of Engineering

GOT Interface is pleased to announce that effective Jan 1, 2011. Steve Sweeney has been promoted to the position of Director of Engineering.

Printec USA is pleased to announce that effective Jan 1, 2011. Steve Sweeney has been promoted to the position of Director of Engineering. Since 1992 Printec USA has been a global leader in membranes switch manufacturing, Human Input Devices and related technologies. Over the years, Printec has expanded its product offerings beyond membrane switches to include rubber keypads, nameplates, overlays, flexible printed circuit boards, touch screens and various subassemblies.

"Steve has been an integral member of Printec's engineering team since he joined the company in 1999. I am confident in Steve's new role. His creative design experience and ability to communicate will continue to help Printec grow its business. Steve is dedicated to using his ideas to help our engineering department become a more effective design resource to all of our customers." Says Robert J. Galvin Jr., President of Printec USA.

Since schooling at Rhode Island School of Design and Northeastern University, Steve has held product design, research and development, engineering and management positions with increasing responsibility for various engineering and manufacturing operations. Steve has been an essential member of the management team that has developed and implemented strategies which have enabled Printec to achieve strong growth globally in the membrane switch and related products. He works closely with the engineering and sales team to make it easier for Printec's customers, from design through delivery.

Further validating Steve's hard work and dedication to Printec USA, he was presented with the Printec Company Award "For the employee who has made the greatest contribution to advancing the company toward completion of its yearly and long term goals" in both 2007 and 2010.

About Printec USA
Printec USA is a privately held sales, logistics, and engineering support extension of our Taiwan headquarters. Printec USA's main office is located in Waltham, MA with sales offices in Florida and California. Printec offers manufacturing and engineering services for high volume, low volume and prototype projects. The company's product line includes membrane switches, flex circuits, touch screens, integrated touch screens & LCDs, In Mold Design (IMD), overlays and labels, keypads and support panels and enclosures. Printec is a global suppler specializing in manufacturing high precision die cut, laser cut and multi-layer laminated products in the medical, military, aerospace, homeland security, alternative energy, electronics, automotive and other industrial markets. Printec offers a full suite of design, prototyping and intellectual property services as well as a complete range of manufacturing capabilities, from design concept inception through final packaging. Printec also has sales and engineering offices in Europe located in Radolfzell, Germany.