High Quality ACVR2B Antibody Products from Creative Biomart

Creative Biomart’s highly validated antibodies are guaranteed for quality performance. In addition to the validation, all our antibodies are backed with a best-in-industry technical service team dedicated to researchers’ antibodies requirements.

With various hosts for these ACVR2B antibodies ranging from rabbit, goat, and mouse to wheat germ, experts from Creative Biomart recommend the following catalogue for researchers’ reference:

Cat. # Product name Source (Host)
CPBT-27229RM Rabbit Anti-Mouse ACVR2B Polyclonal Antibody


DPAB2719GH Goat Anti-Human Activin RIIB Polyclonal Antibody


CPBT-27227GH Goat Anti-Human ACVR2B Polyclonal Antibody


CAB-9567RH Rabbit Anti-Human ACVR2B Monoclonal Antibody Rabbit
CPBT-27228RH Rabbit Anti-Human ACVR2B Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit
DMABT-H16682 Mouse Anti-ACVR2B Monoclonal Antibody Mouse
CABT-12569MH Mouse Anti-Human ACVR2B Monoclonal Antibody Mouse
DPABT-H7593 Rabbit Anti-ACVR2B Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit
DPABT-H27619 Rabbit Anti-ACVR2B Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit
CPB-031RM Rabbit Anti-Acvr2b Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit
CPB-123RM Rabbit Anti-Acvr2b Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit
ACVR2B-26488TH Recombinant Human ACVR2B Wheat germ
ACVR2B-26589TH Recombinant Human ACVR2B Wheat germ
CAB-9566MH Mouse Anti-Human MMP9 Monoclonal Antibody Mouse


In addition to ACVR2B antibodies, Creative Biomart also provides recombinant protein and cDNA clone products for ACVR2B which are rigidly detected to meet the quality standards. See http://www.creativebiomart.net/symbolsearch_ACVR2B.htm for more information.

Creative BioMart offers thousands of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and conjugates validated for use in a variety of common applications including Western blot, flow cytometry, IHC, ICC, IF, IP, and more. Creative Biomart also offers secondary antibodies, bulk production, and custom purification, formulations or conjugations.