Phase 2 Medical Device Outsourcing Company a Leading Partner with Rapidly Expanding Medical Device Companies Working in a Tightly Regulated Market

Phase 2 Medicalis is proving to be an invaluable partner to busy, often overtaxed, medical device companies trying to supply demand.

Rochester NH, May 15— Phase 2 Medical, ( one of America’s premier medical device manufacturers is proving to be an invaluable partner to busy, often overtaxed, medical device companies trying to supply demand.

“As a medical device outsourcing company we can wear many hats,” explains Adam Prime, president of Phase 2 Medical, which also specializes in medical device assembly and medical device manufacturing. “Companies rely on us to do everything from engineering a product for manufacture, to readying it for FDA approval.”

Many times, companies rely on Phase 2 Medical to take on medical device assembly to supplement their production during large demand periods. This, in effect, allows companies to become much bigger or smaller to meet demand, without the need to expend capital our hire and layoff people as the market demand changes.

With the capability to provide medical device outsourcing to both large and small companies, Phase 2 Medical is ideally suited to helping small companies bring their first product to market. This may require everything from taking a product from prototype and testing, to FDA approval and manufacturing. Because Phase 2 Medical excels at lean manufacture, they are able to help their partners reduce cost over time, provide sourcing and supply chain management as well as continuous process improvements.

“As medical device manufacturers everything we do here at Phase 2 Medical is about satisfying our customers so they can, in turn, satisfy their customers,” Prime said.

About Phase 2 Medical Device Manufacturers

Phase 2 medical device manufacturing is a medical contract manufacturing company specializing in medical device development, medical device engineering and medical device assembly for companies seeking medical product outsourcing. With Class 8 ISO cleanroom capabilities, Phase 2 utilizes sophisticated processes including ultrasonic welding, epoxy bonding and UV bonding to build single-use medical devices and provide medical device manufacturing solutions to its client partners. For more information visit