The Transfected Stable Cell Lines from Creative Biomart

Contact Creative Biomart support to discuss your stable cell line generation requirements.

Our transfected stable cells are completed by our skilled cell culture scientists. Now, there is no need to spend your valuable time and resources on the time-consuming processes required for stable cell line generation. Our products will save your time & money, eliminate wasteful & time-consuming errors.

Our products/services include but not limited to:

  • Dog Gene, such as Dog HTR2A-FLAG Stable Cell Line-HEK293T/ HEK293T
  • Human Gene, such as Human ADRB3 Stable Cell Line-HEK293, Human CHRM1 Stable Cell Line-U2OS, Human CNR2 Stable Cell Line-CHO, Human GRPR Stable Cell Line-U2OS, Human ADRB2-tGFP Stable Cell Line-CHO etc. for More
  • Mouse Gene, such as Mouse Gpbar1-FLAG Stable Cell Line-CHO, Mouse Ccr6-FLAG Stable Cell Line-HEK293T, Mouse Ffar1-FLAG Stable Cell Line-HEK293T, Mouse Mtnr1b-FLAG Stable Cell Line-HEK293T, Mouse Npsr1 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T etc. for More
  • Rat Gene, such as Rat Tshr Stable Cell Line-HEK293T, Rat Mchr1 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T Galphaqi5, Rat Taar1 Stable Cell Line-HEK293T Galphaqi5, Rat Casr-FLAG Stable Cell Line-HEK293T, Rat Drd1/Gs Stable Cell Line-CHO etc. for More

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