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Regulatory Tools

As a Qmed user, you now have exclusive access to the Regulatory Tool to streamline and simplify the regulatory process (free only to Qmed users). Save valuable time and reduce costs – and walk-away armed with the knowledge you need to move your product to the next development phase – with ease.

The free tool includes regulatory classifications, the appropriate product code and pathway for your medical technology, and walks you through step-by-step to make the process easy and fast.

DeviceMatters Reports

Qmed is proud to offer its users access to revolutionary data reports on industry-related adverse events through On DeviceMatters, users can download reports by product code, device category, or by manufacturer. These reports help to:

  • Understand why devices fail to refine your next generation design & manufacturing
  • Gain a picture of the market to jumpstart your portfolio strategy & product positioning
  • Assess where safety and recall risks lie to help address issues before they become a problem

There are both Basic Free Reports and Comprehensive Reports available for download as well as information and details regarding the state of the industry.