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Able Electropolishing Co.

2001 S. Kilbourn Ave.
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Able is the largest electropolishing specialist in the world, with a staff of more than 160 employees on three shifts and the resources to provide metal finishing services for thousands of companies across the globe.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Chicago, we continually perfect and perform the electropolishing services pioneered by our founder, Zen Pokvitis. These services became the foundation for an industry in which Able remains the primary authority today.

Able Electropolishing meets ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards, demonstrating the care and precision we put into processing parts manufactured for the medical device industry along with many others. With our controlled cell environment and impeccable standards of quality, our electropolishing services are a regular choice for implantable devices, surgical tools and other parts used by the medical industry.



Our unique process and reliable service makes Able Electropolishing a regular choice across different industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dental
  • National labs & higher education
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food & beverage
  • Electronics

These and other industries frequently rely on the superior finish that only electropolishing can provide.


At Able Electropolishing, we provide a wide range of metal finishing and other services. They include:

  • Electropolishing - Our signature service, this "reverse plating" process electrochemically removes surface material from metal parts. This significantly improves the surface finish and corrosion resistance, leaving parts in a smooth, passive condition.
  • Passivation - Using an acidic bath, this process removes surface contaminants like free iron from various metals, improving corrosion resistance.
  • Brite Passivation - This proprietary process gives parts a light electropolish, resulting in corrosion resistance superior to what standard passivation provides.
  • Titanium Finishing and Anodizing - In addition to  electropolishing and passivating titanium parts to improve performance and corrosion resistance, we provide anodizing services that give them a colorful, dye-free finish.
  • Deburring - We use the electropolishing process to  remove micro burrs , eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly and inconsistent hand-deburring operations.
  • Ultracleaning - Electropolishing can remove contaminants embedded in the surface of metal parts, leaving them clean, smooth and passive.
  • R&D Services - As a worldwide leader in the electropolishing industry, we have unique resources for  processing and evaluating sample parts.
  • Laser Marking - Able has a Trumpf TruMark Laser Marking System to complement its suite of services that it offers to manufacturers of metal components.  Customers that use Able for electropolishing can now find one-stop-shopping for parts that require electropolishing, laser marking, and a subsequent passivation operation.

With these services at your disposal, Able Electropolishing is able to provide fast, reliable and uniquely-high quality metal finishing services.

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