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Acme Surgical Industries Pvt Ltd

Factory Area
12-A, Small Industries Estate No. 1
  51310  pk
Tel: +92 5232 55698
Fax: +92 5235 52598

Manufacturers and exporters since 1976 of surgical, dental, titanium plus stainless steel (German, French, or Japanese steel, tungsten carbide) instruments, serving customers mainly in Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Acme is BS EN ISO 9001: 2000, cGMP and US FDA compliant for movement of our products in the U.S. Product range includes cutters, knives, scalpel, speculums, needle holders, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, opthalmoscopes, ENT sets, dematoscopes, bronchoscopes, esophagoscopes, endoscopes, sigmoidoscopes, sinuscopes, artrhoscopes, cystoscopes, as well as IV poles and examination lamps.