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Berry Plastics Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying pressure sensitive tape and flexible film products into the healthcare market for over 60 years.  Berry Plastics products have been used extensively in bandages, wound care, patient monitoring, diagnostics, surgical drapes, transdermal patches and device assemblies and packaging, manufactured throughout the world.

We have an extensive and innovative selection of core products that are designed to meet the challenging requirements of medical applications.  Our line of products includes transfer, single coated and double coated tapes with either medical grade rubber or acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives.  The single coated and double coated products are designed to utilize a woven, nonwoven, tissue, film, or foam substrate.

Berry Plastics is customer driven.  Our technical sales and R&D stall will work with you to evaluate our core products for your application. If we don’t have a standard product that meets your specific needs, we will work with you to understand the product requirements and custom design a unique product for your specific application.

Adhesive Tape Products

Device Assembly & Pulse Oximetry

We manufacture a variety of single-coated, double-coated and transfer adhesives for device assembly with the inherent ability to withstand fluids, sterilization, and extended use.

STG Pulse Oximetry Tapes

Diagnostic Testing

Our transfer and double coated products are inert, and bond well to pvc, polystyrene, polyester, and backed or un-backed nitro-cellulose materials.

Patient Monitoring

Berry Plastics has flexible, comfortable foams, wovens, films and laminated products with specially formulated adhesives to deliver the performance you need, from stress testing, high moistureresistance, and extended wear to sensitive skin applications.

Sterilization Bag Sealing

These double-coated tapes come with a variety of construction combinations utilizing permanent and repositionable adhesive systems that withstand the rigors of EtO and gamma sterilization.

Surgical Drapes

These single and double-coated tape products were designed to withstand the rigors of surgery with minimal affect due to surgical fluid exposure, radical changes in temperature, or mechanicalstress, as well as Eto and gamma sterilization.Foam Tapes

Transdermal Drug Delivery

Our woven, nonwoven, film and foam products are comfortable and unobtrusive, and can be worn for extended periods of time. Call us to find out more about how we can custom coat your OTC additive.

Wound Care

We provide films, wovens and nonwovens for use in bandages, surgical tapes, high MVTR wound dressings, and ostomy products.


Flexible Packaging Products

Device PackagingDevice Packaging Films

Like all Berry Plastics medical film products, Optym™ Device Packaging Films are manufactured in ISO 9002-certified facilities and engineered to your exacting specifications. We use superior industry expertise and a fully integrated production process to engineer solutions that meet your standards for a wide range of medical products.

Surgical Suite Films

Healthcare and dental care professionals can rely on Protect:OR™ to keep themselves and patients protected. Our expertise in producing barrier films allows us to engineer unique solutions that address your specific requirements.Surgical Films

Medical Laminations

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, laminated paper/poly/foil/poly roll stocks are used to package alcohol wipes, towelettes, medical devices and an assortment of other products requiring a barrier of protection.

Product conforms to FDA regulations PART 177.1520 CFR 21 for direct food contact when used as supplied and in accordance with sound manufacturing practices. In addition, product is in compliance with CONEG heavy metals regulation and EU REACH regulation for "Substances of Very High Concern."




Visit our website to search through all our comprehensive array of high performance tapes and flexible films for the healthcare industry.

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