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BioInteractions Ltd

Science and Technology Centre
Earley Gate, Whiteknights Road
Reading, Berkshire, 
  RG6 6BZ  uk
Tel: +44 118 935 7000

Dedicated to Discover Biocompatible Solutions For the Healthcare Industry

BioInteractions is a leading provider of enhanced sophisticated biocompatible solutions that are required by the global healthcare industry.  The company is dedicated in its mission to improve the performance of medical devices.  It is our ability to be creative, innovative and respond quickly, which allows us to assist many of our clients to be first to market with groundbreaking technology.

Superior Technology

Our goal is to contribute positively to improved patient well-being and speedier recovery times with leading edge biomaterials that deliver the best in healthcare technology.

The Astute™ Advanced Heparin Coating has obtained clinical recognition for its successful use on blood contacting medical devices.  Astute™ directly negates the adverse biological responses that lead to thrombus formation when blood contacts a foreign surface.

BioInteractions has developed the dual functional Avert™ Surface Active Antimicrobial Coating, specifically designed to be highly biocompatible and to reduce the incidence of device related infections.

Assist™ Enhanced Lubricious Coating combines a highly lubricious component with substantial biocompatible properties, providing dual comfort for the patient and superior ease of use.

The Adapt™ Biostable Drug Delivery Platform is a biocompatible, non-biodegradable polymeric coating, specifically designed for the controlled elution of therapeutic agents in a controlled and site-targeted manner.

Our excellent facilities include a custom designed production laboratory, enabling effective routine tasking as well as highly sophisticated operation by our team of skilled scientists and technicians. Onsite, we utilise a broad spectrum of high-tech equipment, from fully customised polymerisation reactors, to analytical resources, such as FT-IR and GPC. In addition, we work closely with established external laboratories to further enhance our range of analytical resources and provide the best in quality testing solutions.

We are able to assist you in deciding the main focus of the coating requirements for your device and have the best way to apply the coating technology.

We are able to meet high-volume production requirements and delivery.  We have a history of stable and consistent production with long-term supply and support.

We have the best competitive advantage with a record of accomplishment of biocompatibility and regulatory approval, using proven and widely accepted biocompatible material technology.

We have a very competitive pricing policy.

We have quality systems in place to ensure good manufacturing practise to ISO standards and accreditation (ISO 9000).  We are able to provide comprehensive technical data and support, which includes all critical/pertinent information on the production and comprehensive testing.

Meeting Customer Demands

UK based company, founded in 1991 and multi award winning; we have built a reputation in the medical device world as the company that goes that bit further to fulfil customer demand.

*BioInteractions Will Coat
Free of Charge
12 to 24 Samples

*BioInteractions Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this offer at its own discretion