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Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS)

10100 Progress Way
OH  45030  us
Tel: 513/367-6699

Leak Test Instruments

Cincinnati Test Systems leak test instruments address all your leak testing needs from the Sentinel line of instrumentation. Each instrument is designed with specialties in leak testing which include pressure decay, mass flow, differential pressure decay, pressure monitoring, and vacuum capabilities. Each instrument is calibrated for high precision with repeatable measurements and since each instrument can switch language with a simple on screen selection, they are a worldwide solution to every testing application.

  • Leak Testing
  • Calibration
  • Flow Testing
  • Connectors & Seals
  • Function Testing
  • Integrated & Turn-key Test Systems

Sentinel Blackbelt Instrument Test Instrument

The Sentinel Blackbelt instrument is a precision multi-functional bench top leak test instrument that can be specialized for any wall mount application. The bench top Blackbelt is designed for maximum performance with pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, and other pressure testing capabilities while utilizing minimal space. The easy to use operator interface and forward mounted test ports make it an ideal instrument for medical device and clean room test applications.  With its multiple testing capabilities the Blackbelt instrument is ready to be used in all testing projects.

  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test
  • Mass Flow Leak Test
  • Certified Flow Rate Orifice
  • Mass Flow Test
  • Flow Controlled Test
  • Occlusion Test
  • Ramping Test
  • Sequential Testing
  • Data Storage and Download

Sentinel I28 Instrument Leak Test and Flow Test Instrument

The Sentinel I28 is CTS’s most versatile panel mounted leak test instrument configurable to a wide range of testing applications. The I28’s array of selectable digital inputs and outputs provide tooling motion and feedback capabilities allowing this instrument to drive a test stand with 5 tooling motions replacing the need for a PLC. With its quality minded modular design and standard manifold configurations this instrument will function flawlessly for over 40 million cycles.

  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Vaccum Drop Test
  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test
  • Mass Flow Leak Test
  • Mass Flow Test
  • Controlled Flow Test
  • Occlusion/Blockage Test
  • Calibrated Leak Rate
  • Flow Offset

Sentinel C28-WE & C28-DP Leak Test Instrument

The Sentinel C28 series of leak test instruments offer an unbeatable combination of advanced features, precision pressure testing, and value. These instruments utilize the same proprietary test algorithms and advanced 32-bit processor as the Sentinel I28 and Blackbelt, giving it the same fast, repeatable results in a more compact package. The C28 series of instrument supply pressure testing, pressure decay, vacuum decay, and differential pressure decay testing capabilities.

  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test
  • Differential Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Pressure loss over time
  • Occlusion/Blockage Test
  • Calibrated Leak Rate

Sentinel C20-WE Leak Test Instrument

The Sentinel C20 leak test instruments supply our cost conscious customers with the same precision pressure testing, proprietary test algorithms, and advanced 32-bit processor as our other Sentinel instrument. The low cost value of the C20 supplies highly repeatable test measurements for those customers that do not need various testing capabilities but want the same quality service supplied by CTS for all products.

  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Pressure Loss over time
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test
  • Calibrated Leak Rate

Sentinel TracerMate CS Tracer Gas Leak Test Instrument

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS –Harrison, Ohio) has designed the TracerMate CS - Tracer Gas Evacuate and Charge instrument to interface with various Multi-gas leak detector instruments. The standalone bench-top design is easy to operate and is offered as an optional self-contained test cart, or as a customized solution to integrate easily into your production testing environment with your selected Tracer Gas detector.

The TracerMate CS testing modes provide the option to sniff test 20 different part locations. With each test cycle the system supplies the user with gross leak testing capabilities during the evacuation and/or fill cycles reducing trace gas contamination. During any of the 99 different testing cycles the system will conduct either accumulative leak testing or singular sniff testing with Accept or Reject signals accordingly.

The CS unit is the only instrument available that integrates seamlessly with different trace gas systems and supplies control of CTS’s patented Nitrogen Purge low level leak testing with repeatable Gage R&R capabilities. The CS also has the option for integration into a CTS supplied Helium Reclaim system for long term cost savings. The system utilizes two RS232 serial interface terminals and an Ethernet Telnet connection.

  • Evacuation/Backfill/Exhaust
  • Gross Leak Test
  • Pressure Decay Leak Test
  • Vacuum Decay Leak Test
  • Tracer Gas Sniff Test
  • Tracer Gas Accumulation
  • Tracer Gas Hard Vacuum Mass Spec Leak Test
  • Certified Calibration
CTS Connect Seals and Luer Connectors

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers a standard line of pneumatic connectors, manual connectors, and luer connectors, as well as specialty designs to manufacture for our customers irregularly shaped seal surfaces. CTS has over 30 years of sealing experience in leak testing and filling applications. Our line of connectors and custom seals are design for ease of use, longevity, and sealing reliability.

CTS has become the leader in providing standard and custom connectors to meet all our customer sealing need from a smooth bore to threaded applications. CTS produces connectors in standard, metric, SAE, and other custom sealing requirements. The CTS Connects all use CTS’s propriety seal materials that are manufactured to help resist wear, are resilient to all types fluids, chemicals, and includes medical grade materials.