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Control Plastics and Metals

377 Oyster Point Blvd. #10
S. San Francisco, 
CA  94080  us
Tel: 800/600-2010
Fax: 650/618-2549

Over 30 years of quality injection molding. Over 15 years of Asian production of metal and plastic components. Control Plastics offers a wide range of services to the medical equipment and device industry: From Injection, 2 shot and overmolding of plastics, to MIM, sheet metal and metal stamping/wire forming, metal casting (die, gravity, sand), extrusion, and machining. The company does through DFM’s and tries to solve production issues before going to tooling. The company's goal is to get you into production quickly by helping you reach the best compromise between part function, material choice, process selection, tooling design, assembly and decorating needs, quality and consistency specifications, and environmental and end of life requirements.