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DDL Inc.

10200 Valley View Rd., Ste. 101
Eden Prairie, 
MN  55344  us
Tel: 952/941-9226; 800/229-4235
Fax: 952/941-9318
Who We Are

DDL is an ISO 9001 certified, third-party testing lab that has provided package, product and materials testing to the medical device industry for over 20 years. DDL’s testing laboratories are located in Eden Prairie, MN and Fountain Valley, CA.  DDL offers accelerated aging, distribution simulation, package strength, integrity, physical shock, thermal shock, vibration, compression, unitized load testing, leakage and other validation services at both its MN and CA locations. DDL also tests packaging materials including adhesives, films, corrugated, cushioning materials and plastics at its Eden Prairie location. 

Founded on a commitment to customer service and supported by technical expertise, a robust quality system, quick turnarounds and an upfront sales approach, DDL has partnered with companies across the globe to complete over 23,000 testing projects. DDL employs a team of engineers, technical and quality experts devoted to helping customers worldwide succeed by taking an independent, involved and informed approach to ensuring regulatory compliance.

Package Services

DDL’s package testing services evaluate the strength and integrity of packaging systems before and after simulating the anticipated distribution and storage conditions that the systems may undergo.  This combination of simulation and evaluation is used by packaging professionals to validate package compliance with ASTM, ISO, ISTA and other accepted industry standards.

Materials Testing

To complement its packaging testing, DDL takes design understanding to a deeper level by testing and evaluating the materials that make up the package itself.  From tensile and tear testing of poly films and trays to applying compression and tension to packaging components, materials testing can increase an engineer’s understanding of available options, allowing for more informed design decisions.

Processing variables, vendor changes, effects of aging, different sterilization treatments and material changes can be explored through material testing.  The engineering staff within DDL’s Product & Materials Division has a thorough understanding of today’s test standards and the principles behind them.

Product Testing Services

DDL assists manufacturers and engineers in a variety of industries by testing a product’s performance and safety. Specializing in medical devices such as Luer fittings, syringes, needles, catheters, guidewires cannulae and electrosurgical instruments, DDL tests to ANSI, ASTM, IEC, ISO, JIS, EN and other industry standards. Vibration, physical shock, thermal shock, friction, flow rate, force to operate, leakage and compression testing are among the many tests that are carried out and help medical device developers better understand their products.  Custom test development and protocol creation are also provided.

Services Offered
  • ISO 11607 Compliance Testing and Consulting
  • Shelf-Life Studies/ Accelerated Aging
  • Transportation / Distribution Simulation
  • Sterile Barrier System Integrity Testing
  • Environmental Challenge Package Testing
  • Sterile Barrier System Strength Testing
  • Thermal Package Performance Testing
  • Package and Product Stability Testing
  • Product and Material Testing
  • Luer Testing
  • Electrosurgical Accessory Testing
  • Packaging Sustainability Compliance

Additional Offices

17371 Mt Wynne Cir., Ste. A
Fountain Valley, CA  United States
Tel: 714/979-1712; 800/229-4235
Fax: 714/979-1721