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Dedicated Computing

N26 W23880 Commerce Circle
  53402  us
Tel: 262-951-7200
Fax: 262-523-2263

Who We Are
Dedicated Computing is a global technology company committed to solving the business problems of our customers through the design and deployment of innovative technology solutions.

Our Customers
Our customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), develop leading edge systems for specialized applications in Healthcare, Training and Simulation, Military, Industrial Automation, Surveillance, and Energy Exploration.

What We Do
OEMs partner with us to design, build and deploy hardware and software products that are key components of their overall system. To maximize the value connected systems provide, OEMs rely on Dedicated Computing to deliver remote monitoring and management services to improve the security, uptime and performance of these systems.

Our innovative products and services provide a complete solution for OEMs to advance the technology of their leading edge systems and extend their competitive advantage.

Our Focus
We have over 20 years of industry-focused experience in serving OEM customers with imaging, modeling, visualization, and simulation applications. Our expertise ensures our solutions meet the regulatory and compliance, uptime and system availability, and information assurance requirements that are mission-critical to their applications.

Our Markets
Training and Simulation
Industrial Automation
Energy Exploration

Our Business
293 associates
3 locations
Headquartered in Waukesha, WI
132,000 ft. design and integration facility
2 cloud hosting centers
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2004
FDA Registered