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Engineered Printing Solutions

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Since 1985 Engineered Printing Solutions has been working closely with medical device manufacturers and their outsourcing partners to develop new techniques and custom automation for difficult-to-mark products.

Our 360° catheter printers can print multiple colors and markings at a time on the outer circumference of tubes or catheters as long as 1600mm in length and as narrow as .025".

Recently, a new two-axis servo-driven programmable pad printer was designed for manufacturers who want the flexibility to mark on multiple sized tubes. The printer's Z-axis servo (vertical stroke) allows various diameters to be programmed with the appropriate stroke depth. This feature eliminates the need to manually reset the table depth each time a different diameter tube is ready for printing. The Y-axis (front to back stroke), the pad moves forward rolling the tube for a complete 360° printing.

PPMOVT also custom designed pad and inkjet printers for test strip materials, specimen trays, optical lenses, several types and sizes of syringes along with in-line pre- and post-treatment stations, optical sensing devices and auto-on and off-loading devices.

It’s not just that we sell great machines, but we also have the software and technical engineers on staff to design and build custom solutions for the medical industry. Additional products and services are featured below.

CUSTOM PAD PRINTERS Standard printers can be designed with automated systems including bulk loading devices, pre- and post-treatment, plus auto-on and off-loading capabilities.

  • BowlFeeder - Custom designed specifically for the part to flow directly onto the print production line smoothly and efficiently.
  • In-Line Corona Device-A plasma discharge pre-treatment on substrate surfaces for better ink adhesion.
  • AutomaticPicker - Auto-load and Off-load devices are fully programmable through the touch-screen control panel.
  • Rotary Tables - Available in pneumatic or electrically operated. This device is used primarily in automated applications for one and two color registration. Also well suited for secondary operations that require loaders, unloaders and pre-and post-treatment stations.

PRINT ON LONGER OBJECTS The Cupslide can vary in length and is used when printing on items that are longer than wide. For printing long tubes, such as catheters, the inkcup slides on the "X" axis over the image, inking the etched artwork. This will allow the entire circumference and length of a catheter or tubing to be printed at one time.

The XD070 Industrial Digital Ink Jet is “image direct” from computer to print.

  • Fine lines and details at 14 inches per second / 360 dpi.
  • Industrial PC controller stores hundreds of jobs for instant recall.
  • Continuous multi-color printing in a single pass.
  • Ideal for flat and semi-flat surfaces for short or long runs with quick changeovers.

DIRECT-TO-PLATE - Rapid Fire Laser Cliché Maker is a laser powered plate making system producing direct-to-plate digital clarity without chemicals or film.

  • Comes as a complete workstation, including PC, flat screen monitor and all integrated system and graphic software.

CUSTOM PADS - are available in any length, size and shape. It's important to choose a pad shape that will achieve a “rolling” action when the ink is both picked up from the cliché and deposited on the substrate.


  • Two different inks in three different colors have been certified for medical use by a nationally recognized testing laboratories.
  • If you have a custom ink application, we can help you through the certification process.

Engineered Printing Solutions offers a full line of pad and inkjet printing equipment. We also design and build specialized machines to fit whatever unique application you can dream up. From the first phone call through machine development, testing, shipping and on-site training, we guide you through the process.