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GlobTek Inc.

186 Veterans Dr.
NJ  07647  us
Tel: 201-784-1000
Fax: 201-784-0111

Designers and manufacturers of Medical and ITE Wall Plug-in, Desktop and Open Frame Power Supplies, Battery Chargers and Transformers up to 1500W. Standard, Modified and Custom solutions. Domestics and International Power Cords: Electro-mechanical sub contracting, NiCad / NiMH / Lead Acid Batteries and Battery Packs.

GlobTek brings to power supply design and production the same advantages which have made us our customer's 1st choice for over 30 years. Our vertical integration, highly efficient facilities, and steadfast obligation to quality and service excellence have enabled us to provide high-value custom engineered power supplies to many satisfied customers.

GlobTek engineers, designs and manufactures standard, modified and customized AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies, Power Cordsets and Battery Packs. Our designs fulfill power requirements ranging from 5 watts to 2 kilowatts.

GlobTek can meet your most challenging requirements. Our custom design and manufacturing process starts with our in-house engineering staff, all of which have extensive experience in power supply engineering, high voltage applications, and project management. Our design team is equipped with the most sophisticated computer design and analysis tools available. We will work according to your specifications, or work jointly with you to develop a specification for your product.

GlobTek design team works integrally with our customers to prepare custom product for prototyping and manufacturing. GlobTek's modern facilities host production projects from large OEM runs to small lots for special applications. Our devoted areas for R&D and prototyping permit GlobTek to offer unparalleled flexibility in bringing customer requirements to realization. The company is ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 certified.

We are certified by many international safety agencies including UL, CSA, NEMKO, DEMKO, TUV, VDE, PSE, Korea and CCC to Medical, Information Technology Equipment and other specifications.


Power Supplies: Medical/ITE external wall plug-in/desktop, open frame, enclosed to 2000W

Custom: Full range of linear and switchmode power supplies, RFQ form.

Power over Ethernet (POE): IEEE 802.3AR compliant PD, Midspan, and Splitters

DC-DC Converters: PCB mount, external mobile, up to 40W

Power Cordsets: N. American, Euro and International plug configs, stock, modified, custom...

Batteries: Ni-CAD, NiMH, Lead Acid, Li-On, Li-Polymers

IEC Inlets: IEC 320, C6/C8 /C14, fused, power switch

Contract Manufacturing

GlobTek provides turn-key contract manufacturing solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) & Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) delivering high quality finished products. GlobTek's contract manufacturing team has the full capability to work with customers from product design and prototype stages through ongoing production, and provides manufacturing services for successful product generation. GlobTek is fully capable to fill material procurement and assembly contracts to make your project turn-key. GlobTek maintains a 130,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility dedicated to manufacturing power supplies and custom OEM/ODM electrical assemblies.

Our services include: electromechanical assemblies, wire harness assemblies, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, Electronic assembly, FCC & other testing, sub-assembly, and packaging. GlobTek focuses on high quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our contract manufacturing facility is ISO-900 certified & world wide safety agency certified to backup our commitment to quality. We also employ SPC and stringent QC practices to monitor all aspects of production. Outsourcing will bring your company significant cost savings, eliminate logistical & manufacturing headaches, and will maximize your profits.

Why use GlobTek as your contract manufacturing Partner?

  • Reduce your product cost
  • Lower overhead associated with manufacturing
  • Lower Material Costs
  • Eliminate costs associated with establishing a certified Quality System (ISO) & Statistical Process Controls
  • Reduce time to market
  • Eliminate time associated with developing and validating manufacturing facility
  • Reduce time & resources associated with production scale-up
  • Provide high quality product at any scale
  • Volumes as low as 1,000 pieces accepted

Quality Systems

Quality is the most important aspect of GlobTek's production lines. GlobTek uses:

  • ISO 9002 facilities
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) of processes and products
  • Formal Quality Inspection
  • Document Control
  • Rigorous Validation System
  • UL, CSA, TuV, VDE, NEMJCO, Semko, Demko, KTL, JQA, CCC Approved Facilities
  • Full Test facilities

Globtek can engineer almost any piece of equipment. This allows GlobTek to supply necessary manufacturing information such as:

  • Artwork and PCB Scanning
  • Draw Schematics
  • Prepare Bill of Material
  • Tool appropriate case or prepare necessary Chassis