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Machine Arts Inc.

590 E. Gutierrez St.
Santa Barbara, 
CA  93103  us
Tel: 805/965-5344

Machine Arts, Inc, has been providing precision manufacturing services to the medical device and equipment industry for 20 years, specializing in high-tolerance and finely-finished components for surgical video and robotic instrumentation, as well as numerous analytical instruments for laboratory and bio-assay procedures. The company provides custom production machining of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastic components for the manufacture of heart valves and insertion devices, OR robotic assistants, automated sample cell staining apparatus for pathology labs, prosthetic device development, intra-occular lens tooling, particulate identification using laser light scattering, and numerous instruments and devices for facilitating minimally invasive surgical techniques. Machine Arts utilizes modern CNC milling and turning centers, advanced software that works directly with engineering CAD files, and both contact and vision measurement equipment to maintain our high levels of quality control. ISO 9000-2008 certified manufacturer.

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