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Microspec Corp.

327 Jaffrey Rd.
NH  03458  us
Tel: 603/924-4300
Fax: 603/924-4310


Microspec Corporation

Precision Extrusions; Customized Excellence 

Founded in 1989 by Tim Steele, Microspec is located in rural southern New Hampshire. The company has remained a privately owned and managed company.

With over 25 years in design and extrusion engineering Microspec produces some of the most challenging medical extrusions required by the industry. Using our own proprietary tools and process designs we produce a wide variety of extrusions from most engineering thermoplastics, polyurethane and nylon. The Microspec product range includes multi-lumen tubing, single tubing, bump tubing, over-extrusion tubing, micro-extrusion tubing, co-extrusion tubing, striped tubing, multi-layered wall tubing, profile extrusion tubing and solid core (nitinol) guidewire coating.


The R&D arm of Microspec Corporation, EJS Extrusion, LLC was created to serve customers’ growing prototype and development needs. Our prototyping team of experts are dedicated to making "the impossible possible". We understand that transitioning a product out of development into production is critical and that one successful extrusion run does not necessarily define a fully developed process. We exercise patience to obtain result.

Microspec's expertise and experience is recognized around the world.  Ask the Experts at Microspec questions about medical extrusion technology now. The company has become a world leader in the medical extrusion industry with a reputation in precision extrusions based upon consistency and quality.

Microspec is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company and continually works with our customers to improve the quality of our extrusions. In taking on challenges others won't, Microspec forges cutting-edge solutions but delivers them as risk-free innovation for their customers. Microspec understands our customer's needs and requirements with the objective of building quality into each extruded part we ship. With regular reporting and communications with our customers, Microspec is able to deliver consistent quality and delivery-time and time again.