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RAUMEDIC AG is active worldwide as a development partner and producer for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, providing tubing, precision moldings and catheters as well as assemblies and systems. All thermoplastic polymers and silicones are processed to meet the quality requirements of medical devices. In addition, RAUMEDIC develops and produces high-precision pressure measuring systems with microchip technology for the specific indications of neuromonitoring, urology, and traumatology.

It is through its own research and development that RAUMEDIC provides highly-demanding customers with specific products. RAUMEDIC has a worldwide distribution network and operates in selected markets through its own companies.

With over 60 years of know-how in the fields of extrusion, molding and assembly, RAUMEDIC is best equipped to transform the ideas of their customers into fully developed product solutions. Its own compounding for customized material input and prototyping complete the portfolio.

Customer satisfaction and compliance with all relevant legal and official requirements are at the heart of RAUMEDIC’s approach to quality which is based on an ISO 13485 quality management system as well as in accordance with ISO 14644 (class 7) clean room production requirements.

RAUMEDIC is investing 27.1 million US dollars to construct a new production center in the US. With the US headquarters with development center and clean room production in Mills River in North Carolina, RAUMEDIC provides its North American customers a local service center. The production will start there in January 2016 with more than 50 employees and increase this number gradually to over 100. Furthermore RAUMEDIC is already expanding its German headquarters in Helmbrechts, Bavaria at a cost of around 26 million Euro. This will create another 190 jobs in the upcoming years.

RAUMEDIC has a staff of 600 employees. Further information may be found at: